Parents and Ancestors of THC Bomb Strain

THC Bomb is a marijuana strain that really lives up to its name. It has THC levels that are north of 20% and is a really potent and strong strain that beginners should never try to be too casual with. It is also a hybrid cannabis strain that has plenty to offer as far as its effects are concerned due to how it has a good mix of indica and sativa properties.

Appearance-wise, THC Bomb also gives justice to its namesake. Its buds are large, dense, and have a bomb-like appearance that makes it heavy. This strain got this quality from its indica side as most indica strains come with that kind of an appearance

THC Bomb’s scent is reminiscent of what potent buds really are. The moment you smell this strain, you will immediately know that it is a strong marijuana bud. It has a damp and earthy kind of scent that is pretty musky and woodsy.

Meanwhile, THC Bomb’s flavor has a different profile compared to its aroma. If you can resist its strong aroma, you might be able to enjoy its taste. It has a fruity and zesty citrus flavor that has notes of sweet berry. You might even notice a bit of diesel-like flavors underneath the zesty fruitiness of this strain.

Because of its diesel-like flavor, you may be able to feel a coughing sensation from smoking THC Bomb Strain. It can be harsh if you smoke enough of it but, if you can get past that, you might actually enjoy its fruity sweetness.

THC Bomb has a pretty potent kind of buzz. It is a strain that can go north of 20% in terms of potency. That means that you should never underestimate this strain especially if you are a beginner or if you are merely a casual marijuana user. And if you happen to come by a THC bomb that is as potent as 26%, you better be very careful even if you are an experienced cannabis enthusiast.

The effects actually depend on the phenotype of the THC Bomb. There are certain types of THC Bomb that can lean towards either indica or sativa. Whatever its dominant side is, THC Bomb is a hybrid that has effects that come from both its indica and sativa sides.

That said, regardless of its phenotype, THC Bomb has stimulating and mellow kind of effect that is both euphoric and relaxing. It has the mentally euphoric high you get from a sativa and the body relaxing effects you get from an indica. However, you may feel more of one side if it happens to be leaning towards either indica or sativa.

If you want to try your hand at growing THC Bomb, this hybrid strain performs rather well both indoors and outdoors because it remains relatively short. However, you might need to have a bit of experience in the field of growing marijuana if you want to be able to successfully cultivate the THC Bomb. Its heavy and large buds will require you to top this plant every now and then.

When grown indoors or outdoors, THC Bomb needs to be in an environment that is quite humid and has a temperature of somewhere north of 72 degrees Fahrenheit but not hotter than 80 degrees. Managing to do everything right will give you heavy yields in about 10 to 11 weeks because of how large and bomb-like its buds are.

Where did THC Bomb Strain come from? Who are its Parents and Ancestors?

THC Bomb is one of the more mysterious strains around because of how its breeders have kept its genetics a secret for as hard as they could. It has a proprietary genetic line that only its breeders know. That means that there is no certainty when it comes to its parent strains and genetic lineage. In a sense, it remains a relative unknown as far as its parentage and ancestry are concerned.

However, what people are sure of is that it is potent and very quick to act. It may have proprietary genetics but that has not stopped people from using it to breed other new strains as well. It is the parent to other strains such as Atomic (bred with Chemdawg), THC Bomb Auto (bred with Auto Bomb), Widow Bomb (bred with White Widow), and Gorilla Bomb (bred with Gorilla Glue).

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