Ordinary vs Premium Marijuana: Seed Quality Compared

Your effective guide in finding a premium marijuana seed and plant

Have you ever entered a weed dispensary, whether physical or online and get overwhelmed by the variety readily available to you? There are so many terms like high quality or a premium marijuana seed, but how do you know if those claims are real? Have you ever tried buying a so-called fresh gram of weed, only

to be washed by disappointment as soon as you see that you have bought a dud?

Being tricked into buying a bad quality of cannabis is actually a common experience all over the world. Despite the extensive abundance of world-class strains, we cannot deny the big amount of garbage quality mixed in. So, what should a cannabis aficionado like you do?

Low-Quality Cannabis: What You Need to Know

A low-quality cannabis is commonly known in stores as shake weed, shwag, dirt weed, brick weed, popcorn, or bottom shelf. Usually, low-quality strains are only sold in the black market and delivered as compact bricks, so expect a mixture of stems, shake, and compressed buds. These cannabis buds are commonly characterized with a dry and earthy aroma and taste spicy and a little harsh.

Most of these buds are light, wispy, and leafy. Cannabinoids will be on the low side, most likely, because of uncontrolled handling and transportation errors. The effects that users will experience tend to be relaxing, mellow, lazy, and sleepy, because of an increased amount of CBN. Low-quality variants are often preferred by those with a limited budget, and bargain hunters who transform these buds to edibles.

Mid-Range or Ordinary Cannabis: The Basics

In the cannabis community, mid-range buds are often called mids, middle, Reggie, B+, blasters, or regs. This class of cannabis is where most of the local US breeds fall under. There are Canadian cannabis strains that fall under this as well, Beaster and BC Buds, to name a few. Regular cannabis buds can usually be identified through the colorful pistils and their green hues. You will enjoy moderate flavors, a purple tinge, and sugary trichomes with ordinary cannabis buds.

In terms of prices, it actually varies per region and you might chance upon discounts if you order in bulk, around ½ oz or more. You can try your luck with mid-range cannabis by choosing through genetics. When the genes are strong, you can enjoy potent effects. When genetics are unstable or when exposed to stress, you might encounter bananas, which are partially-formed seeds.

High-Quality or Premium Cannabis: Things You Must Know

A premium marijuana seed can be discovered in the cannabis market as top-shelf, fire, primo, kill, dank, flame, and other key terms depending on where you are. The first thing you should note is that the highest quality ones outshine all the others, even if they are bundled together. You will see a bright spectrum of colors and smell complex aromas that stand out against the rest. The strong, pungent flavors are often too much to contain and can highlight attention, even when trying to be discreet. Some exceptional cannabis has no value cap but, it is a luxurious piece like fine wine, so expect prices to reach extreme levels.

When you get first-class cannabis, you will see a sugary resin, which houses cannabinoids that give the strains its potent effects. The high potency gives out a wide range of psychoactive effects and unique experiences, giving the consumer a strong attachment to these strains.

How to Identify High Quality Seeds

If you want to cultivate your own cannabis plant, it is a must that you have a source for high quality seeds. Of course, you are still expected to provide the seeds with excellent care, prime nutrients, watering, and lighting to make sure it grows up healthily. But, a strong raw material can boost your chances of high yields. These are some factors that you need to consider for choosing seeds:

Seed Appearance

One simple but effective way to identify good seeds is through their physical look. Genetically superior seeds usually have a darker colored outer shell. You can look for shades of gray, black, and tiger stripes for good seed. Touching a healthy seed will also show through a wax-like coating in their shell. You can expose the seeds to bright light and check for a sheen effect. The better seeds will also feel firm to touch and will not break after a slight pressure, like a squeeze between your fingers.

Seeds From A Bag

If you will purchase weed and you encounter seeds from the bag, don’t celebrate yet. This can actually be a bad thing and mean that your grower has accidentally included a male plant that pollinated with the females. But, the strains can actually be one of the strong ones. If so, you are in luck. But how can you find out? The only thing you can do is to germinate them. That’s okay, home growing is a good hobby anyway.

Do the Float Test

After the initial physical appearance check, if you still find yourself unsure, you can try the float test. Don’t worry though, there’s no need to go to a lab. You just need to fill a jar with spring or distilled water and place your seeds on the surface. Now, you have to check if your seed will sink or swim. Poor quality seeds will remain buoyant, so you should just discard them. If your seeds will sink to the bottom of the jar, they are of high quality and should be germinated. Take note though, you should leave your seeds an hour or two and then check back if they sank before making a final decision, as these things take time.

Only Buy from Reputable Seed Banks – One solid way to get a premium marijuana seed is buying only from premium seed banks. Do your research on companies that have great breeding skills and are well-loved by many customers.

Being in the cannabis community is always a great adventure. Whether you are looking for seeds to grow or buds to smoke, there are challenges and surprises waiting for you to uncover. To avoid crossing paths with poor quality cannabis seeds and buds, only get your stash from legitimate, reviewed and recommended seed banks or dispensaries.

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