nyc diesel strain

NYC Diesel strain is perfect for new growers who are searching for premium seeds. This strain has been around for a very long time and was very well-known to growers and consumers. 

As you watch this strain grows it will appear its amazing branches and leaves in just a couple of weeks. With its big buds shining from trichomes oozing and crystals with the tasty resin, this plant will make you drool. This plant can produce 150 grams of these dank buds when grown outdoors, and 250 grams when grown indoors. 

A crossbreed between two amazing strains; the Sour Diesel and the Afghani, the NYC Diesel surely inherited the unbelievable buzz and kind of potency from its parent who is well-known for. This strain has a THC content of 14.33%, which can place in a low to average range in terms of the THC percentage.

This strain has a 10% Ruderalis, 40% Indica, and 50% Sativa. Because of its parents, this autoflowering NYC Diesel has a soothing, relaxing, and calming effect that can make your muscles well-rested with a cool and refreshed mind. 

NYC Diesel Strain Analysis

NYC Diesel is just like any other diesel strain that is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, having a 60% Sativa features. It came from the peculiar Afghani indica strain and unidentified Sour Diesel plant. This flexible history of this strain means that NYC Diesel is amazingly abundant in taste and history and makes a unique, clearly different effect from other diesel strains. 

The NYC Diesel’s early smell is almost a trademarked, with its very signature grapefruit and lime smell that drifts all over the air whenever this strain is pulled out from its protective bag. The NYC Diesel is adequately dried and well made, this smells seem to emerge from it as a pleasant example beacon,  gathering all those can identify the unique musk towards it. 

With regard to the taste, the first mouthfeel is unusually the same with a regular Diesel strain- you’ll get a strong sensation, tart of diesel fumes, with a strong, huge heaviness on the user’s tongue. In the first few seconds, you’ll think that you’re just smoking a regular diesel strain until you realized it; abundant with earthiness, mixed with a light fruit feeling on the back end of the user’s tongue. 

This sensation feels will last-long throughout the breathing, leaving a remaining flavor of diesel and tart berries that somewhat made it to work together. This amazing taste combination is of the driving forces of NYC Diesel’s being popular and the effect is also amazing. 

For those are non-marijuana smoker or consumer, they usually classify cannabis in two types; the one that makes you energetic and talkative, and the one that makes you sit down and just be lazy until the effect melts down your system. Clearly, there is more than that, but the NYC Diesel is amazingly firm in the latter group, as it the source one main reaction.

As a hybrid Sativa-dominant, you might anticipate some extreme mind highs come after by an abrupt body high, but the NYC Diesel is unlike in that absolutely Sativa-like in its first effects.

You’ll feel energized and happy, and you won’t be able to stop your mouth. Every thought in your mind you’ll voice it out, and you’ll be filled with so much energy and jubilance for the things around you. This made the NYC Diesel strain a very great strain to consume for outdoor activities, especially when you are outgoing on a huge social. 

After a while of high-level effect will produce a constant clam that makes you feel relaxed for a long-time, although you’ll still feel energetic that will keep you going. 

Growing NYC Diesel

This plant grows very tall, to a height of up to 12 feet, if you give it the room to grow upwards and ignore to trim it. Preferably, NYC Diesel tends to prefer a hot, sunny surrounding setting where it can thrive really well. If you want to try to grow this strain you should be very experienced, as it takes some knowledge of upkeep to really optimize its yields.

Medical Benefits of NYC Diesel Strain

The NYC Diesel strain is a very well-known strain in the medical marijuana industry. This hybris strain is very helpful in treating stress disorders or PTSD or its symptoms. It is an extreme ally to combat any impacts of consistent stress and chronic pain, due to is an excellent relaxant, that aims to relax and calm the body and mind.

This strain is very beneficial to those who are suffering from mood disorders. NYC Diesel is very effective mostly to people who are experiencing heavy depression and stress, because of its boosting effects. A lack of desire to eat may also be altered, due to the ability of this hybrid to stimulate a munchie case.

The NYC Diesel is an ideal strain for controlling pain, as it has been proven to be successfully joint pain and muscle spams, also in headaches and chronic back pains. Tardiness can also be cured with this hybrid hyper strain as this can produce sudden robustness of encouragement and energy.  

Adverse Reactions of NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel Strain may cause minimal side effects as this variant is of the potent variety of Diesel. You might well encounter a feeling of dry mouth, which would take place along with itchy and dry eyes, going to make you feel slightly parched and dehydrated.

This strain may cause some users to experience a slight bout of paranoia which may also be followed by a mild headache. NYC Diesel can also leave you feeling somewhat dizzy and anxious, especially when you’re an inexperienced cannabis user or have absorbed this powerful strain at the prescribed dose.


The NYC Diesel strain appears to come from none other than the very Big Apple. It is an indica-leaning hybrid with THC levels of approximately 20%. NYC Diesel is a massive strain for energy, social anxiety, stress, and enthusiasm-so couldn’t be any greater of a strain that never sleeps for the town.

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