Newly Found Ways to Get High Without Breaking the Law

Getting high without breaking local and state laws is said to be tricky. This kind of article discusses some of the updated legal ways to get high without being brought behind the bars. All of which have strong tastes, yet perfectly balancing each other. Read here to learn more!

On the Meaning of the Legal Ways to Get High

The benefits that cannabis has to offer for those suffering from conditions like pain and anxiety, and it’s even been shown to provide benefit in addressing symptoms of long-term neurological disabilities. It is, in short, some pretty miraculous stuff. It’s getting more and more notice, but many people still don’t know much about it. Thus, absolutely finding legal ways to get high.

It isn’t currently regulated on the federal level, but some states do have (mostly unenforced) laws in place that do regulate its sale or consumption. Marijuana is here to stay. Projected retail sales of cannabis products are expected to be as high (no pun intended) as $1.9 billion by 2020, and CBD oil products can currently be purchased online, over the counter, and at dispensaries nationwide.

In fact, it’s often marketed as “hemp oil” just to highlight that difference, and to ensure it doesn’t conflict with certain laws some states still have regarding the use and sale of CBD substances—but we’ll get to that. So, no—CBD, made from the hemp plant commonly used for industrial purposes like rope making, does not have the capacity to make you feel dizzy, giddy, or “stoned.”

While this might disappoint some people, it makes CBD really fantastic for use as a medicinal compound, considering the almost complete lack of side effects. But how is CBD extracted from hemp, and what exactly does that entail? Phil Depault has featured some of these ways so you can still get high without going behind the bars.

Pairing your preferred and loved marijuana products with a beverage is a tricky business. Even veteran skilled cigar smokers still find it challenging to come up with the perfect combination of some of the legal ways to get high. For one thing, if you are to drink and smoke, you will need a strong drink that will not overpower the equally strong cigar you are smoking. You need a perfect balance.

After all, your cigar will last you 2-3 hours, and the drink must not spoil the taste of the cigar in that space of time. So how do you pair the perfect cigar to the perfect drink? Easy. Cigar and whiskey. That’s a combination as perfect as liver and onion. Both have strong tastes, yet perfectly balancing each other.

It’s One Big Balancing Act (and a Tricky One at That)

The basics of balancing your favorite high product to an alcoholic drink are one of the best legal ways to get high. You have to gauge the flavor intensity and depth of your cigar and the whiskey you are considering pairing it with. This is where knowledge, understanding, experience, and taste come into play.

For example, a cask-strength Scotch whiskey is bound to overpower and spoil the taste of the Romero Y Julieta. A strong whiskey paired with a light cigar is a recipe for disaster and a spoilt evening. Flavor intensities must balance out and complement each other.

If your favorite cigar is of the sweet kind, then go for a sweet whiskey like bourbon – its vanilla and caramel flavors will definitely bring out the sweet flavor of your Ashton Aged Maduro.

It’s All on the Tongue When Getting High

Whiskey and cigars are like the people who smoke them as one of the legal ways to get high – they are all unique. A combination that works for me might not work for you at all. Our palates and tastes are different. That is why the masters in the craft will not lay down solid combinations, they simply point you in the right direction. Cigar and whiskey pairing is a journey you must take alone, just like the journey of life.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations. Embrace the adventure and enjoy it as long as you can. The one simple rule on this journey is: listen to your tongue.

Go on an adventure with your tongue, a wild one if you may. Sample as many whiskeys and cigars as you can. Taste rye whiskey, bourbon, Japanese whiskey, cheap whiskey (who knows, you may find a surprise), expensive whiskey, you name it, try it (as long as you hail an Uber afterward).

Learn their distinctive tastes and flavors. Do the same with your cigars, start from the light ones like H. Upmann’s Coronas Minor Tubos, progress to mild cigars like the Cohibo Siglo IV, until you get to full-bodied cigars like the mighty Bolivar Petit Belicosos. Once you understand your cigars and whiskeys, it will become easier for you to narrow down the combinations you like until you hit your sweet spot.

Initially, you may make some terrible pairings but it’s all part of the adventure. It will help you appreciate the pairings that work. Besides, the experience you will gain along the way is well worth it in the end.

Why Do People Want to Get High and How to Do It Legally?

So why do people want to get high? The reasons are many, but it all comes down to the fact that you can do it legally. Once you become addicted, recovery is a long road that requires spending the rest of your life focused on a brighter future.

Genetic Reasons

Genetics play a role is one of the reasons why we need to find legal ways to get high. For example, medical studies prove that nearly half of a person’s alcohol addiction is genetically based. This means children of alcoholics might be more likely to turn to alcohol themselves even if they are not raised in the same home as an addicted parent.

Cultural Reasons

People learn from those who set the surrounding example. Unfortunately, someone who grows up with or spends time around people who use drugs or alcohol heavily are more likely to find legal ways to get high. Those who grow up in homes and around people who do not abuse any type of substance are less likely to have substance abuse issues in their own lives.

Medication Reasons

Self-medication is a big problem for many people that it is why it is important to find legal ways to get high. When life is rough, some people turn to self-medication to numb their pain. This often includes drugs and/or alcohol. This is more prevalent in people who struggle with their emotional regulation skills. They are unable to find ways to feel better about things that go wrong in life, and that often leaves them feeling as if they are unable to handle their stress and anxiety.

Loneliness Reasons

Human interaction is important in life if you want to find legal ways to get high. Positive interactions with others on a regular basis can make people happier and more likely to avoid substance abuse. Those who are lonely, those who feel they have no close friends and family who care for them, and those who are prone to isolation often take it upon themselves to abuse substances to help their feelings of loneliness.

Anxiety Reasons

Some people find legal ways to get high to help them with their own anxiety whether it’s stress-related or situational.

For example, someone who is anxious in social settings might suffer from socialization issues. This causes them to feel awkward and uncomfortable. Social anxiety is very common, and it might be why someone abuses drugs or alcohol. It helps them feel confident, funnier, more entertaining, and even more comfortable in social situations. Many people who do rely on substances to manage social anxiety abuse the substance because they cannot stop.

Pain Reasons

From physical pain to emotional pain, some people simply cannot find a way to help get rid of the sorrow they feel.

The pain associated with the loss of a loved one is difficult. The pain associated with an injury is difficult. Some people feel pain from PTSD after coming home from a deployment. Some people lose a loved one to divorce or don’t get to see their kids often enough. They fall into a depression after losing their job. Some people grow up in situations so horrible that the average American cannot even fathom what they went through. Their memories are painful, and they use drugs or alcohol to dull the pain.

Stress Reasons

There’s so much demand in life. There’s demand from work to be connected all the time. There is a demand to be on the go, busy, and unable to sit down and relax. Marriages are stressful, kids are stressful, financial situations are stressful. People turn to drugs and alcohol all the time to manage the stress they feel in their own lives. It is not ideal, and it is not the right way to handle pain, but its how many people cope. Being high or drunk dulls the stress and makes life seem more manageable so it is important to seek legal ways to get high.

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