Mysterious Facts About OG Kush Strains

Is an OG Kush an indica or sativa? Where did OG Kush come from? These may just be a few of the questions you have with regards to the mysterious OG Kush strain. Experts actually say that what we know about this popular hybrid strain is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much to learn and too little time to do so but don’t worry, we have gathered 10   interesting facts that you must know here.


  • OG Kush was original “bag seed”


Wouldn’t you know that the very popular strain actually started as bag seed? There are stories that say that OG Kush began as a bunch of seeds that had unknown genetics. It was also said that these miscellaneous collections of seeds were just found laying around and were grown without any specific feature to expect.   

Who would know that this bag seed would become as one of the most popular strains in the market? But no matter what happens, avoid growing bag seeds. Not only are you unaware of the identity of these seeds but also how to care for it, are these seeds indoor plants or outdoor plants, any specific growing requirements and if these seeds are medicinal or recreational seeds.  


  • No one knows the actual history of OG Kush strains


Because OG Kush was cultivated from bag seeds, no one really knows what its history is. All is known about this strain is that it comes from a mixture of unknown seeds, therefore, it’s really a challenge to cultivate.     


  • OG Kush strains coming from different dispensaries are not genetically related.


A research conducted by a chemist and founder of a testing facility known as the Werk Shop has found that OG Kush strains coming from different dispensaries were not related to each other! Some are even low-quality strains.

Imagine the surprise that this researcher experienced after learning this! This might be a way for some companies to trick customers who are eagerly looking for OG Kush strains. And as a consumer, you should never fall for these tricks! How do you avoid getting coned with low-quality OG Kush and imitation strains?

Look for reputable, highly-recommended OG Kush distributors. Buy only from these distributors and never from questionable dispensaries.        


  • OG Kush strain plants have a number of phenotypes


Just like no two people exist, no two phenotypes of OG Kush exists as well. OG Kush has been bred and cultivated by so many breeders and growers that new phenotypes of the strain have been discovered regularly.

Now, you will find phenotypes that are sativa-dominant, indica-dominant, high- THC and some with balanced content. So which phenotype is for you? Usually, it’s hard to choose which strain is best for your needs but why just try everything until you find the best one?

Just among the popular phenotypes of OG Kush are Tahoe Kush, Ghost OG, and SFV OG. You may have tried some of these and if not, these are available only from the best dispensaries locally and overseas.


  • OG Kush has different flavors to offer


Another fantastic characteristic that you must know about OG Kush is that it has more than just one flavor profile. Ask anyone who has smoked OG Kush before and they will tell you that every time there’s something new when it comes to this strain. It’s just like you’ll get something new every time you consume it.

The most common description of the terpene profile is a complex smell or aroma with specific hints of skunk, fuel, and spice. Experts have discovered three distinct terpenes in OG Kush namely myrcene, limonene and beta-caryophyllene.

Myrcene is a common terpene found in many cannabis plants. It is also found in other herbs like lemongrass and basil. It has been found out that myrcene is responsible for the strain’s sedative and hypnotic properties. It was also found out that myrcene also has anti-inflammatory properties. It can also relax the muscles and block pain especially headaches, muscle pains, and chronic pains.  

There are also studies that have proposed that this terpene is responsible for the couch- lock effects of some strains. Samples of OG Kush contain high amounts of myrcene which may prove that this plant is ideal for physical and mental relaxation. It can also stop the pain and can induce that tranquil feeling of OG Kush.   

Another terpene found in OG Kush is limonene that gives OG Kush that powerful lemon-citrus scent. Limonene is energizing and can make you feel uplifted and happy. This is why experts say that this terpene has stress-relieving effects, it can improve mood and enhance the overall well-being of the person.

People with anxiety will be able to get relief from the high THC of OG Kush. However, too much THC can also induce anxiety in some people.  

Finally, OG Kush also contains Beta-caryophyllene that is responsible for its spicy aroma. Beta-caryophyllene is actually a terpene that constitutes black pepper with overlooked health effects.

Just like limonene, this terpene has relaxing and anti-depressant properties. It can help treat anxiety, depression, and stress. It will help you feel relaxed, calm and therefore you can work on projects and tasks with ease. Finally, beta-caryophyllene has natural anti-inflammatory effects and can reduce pain.


  • OG Kush is more than just another strain with high  THC


Some people are not too eager to consume OG Kush and in fact, may prefer other strains because of its strong effects, however, some actually prefer this strain more than others because it has powerful psychoactive effects coupled with its therapeutic effects.            

You will be able to get relief for your medical condition plus enjoy strong psychoactive effects as well.


  • Almost all popular strains are related to OG Kush


Do you believe that almost all the strains you’ll find in dispensaries are in one way or another, related to OG Kush? It is said that many hybrid strains from the West Coast are related to the OG Kush. And because of the amazing recreational and medicinal effects of   OG Kush, it’s sure that this strain will continue to live as one of the most popular strains that walk the earth.

Just some of the most impressive relatives of OG Kush include OG Headband, Ogre OG, Tahoe OG, San Fernando Valley OG Kush, and White Fire OG Kush.


  • You can clone OG Kush plants


Although more breeders and growers prefer growing OG Kush from seeds, it is also possible to grow this using clones.

Clones are basically cuttings or parts of the plants which can grow another plant. With clones, you can completely overlook the seedling phase. Since these are plants coming from their parents the traits of the parent plants have been completely preserved. If the parent is like the OG Kush with strong THC content then all the cuttings from this plant will grow into identical plants with the same characteristics.

But although growing plants from clones have its advantages, it also comes with a few disadvantages. First, cloned plants do not develop a taproot which is the very first structure that comes out of a seed.

The taproot is where the smaller root systems of the plant grow from. The taproot strengthens the plant as it can burrow deep into the ground. The taproot also helps the plant absorb more nutrients.

So if you were given a choice, it would be much better if you were to cultivate OG Kush plants coming from seeds. because seed-grown plants develop taproots.                                                                                                                                                                                                       


  • OG Kush has impressive medical effects


OG Kush is also known as a therapeutic strain because it has strong natural properties that can stop stress and depression. It can enhance your mood, banish negative thoughts and keep you energized the entire day.

It is also used for its potent analgesic effects. This can block out pain and therefore effective for headaches, muscle pain, and strain, chronic pain and for pain caused by inflammation.

You may also use OG Kush to deal with insomnia as well as sleeplessness. The relaxing effects of this hybrid are enough to stimulate sleep and for continuous sleep all night long.


  • OG Kush is difficult to grow


Those who are asking is an OG Kush an indica or sativa; this strain is a hybrid strain. Despite its many impressive characteristics, it is very hard to grow. You need to be an experienced grower to be able to cultivate this strain.

It can grow more than 78 inches in height, a characteristic it has received from its sativa lineage. It has moderate yields from 1 to 3 ounces per square feet.

It flowers fast in just 7 to 9 weeks, therefore, you can expect to harvest at least twice a year. Also owing to its sativa characteristics, it can stretch up to 200% of its original height. If you wish to grow OG Kush, be prepared. You need a large growing area or space to maximize its full growth potential.

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