Top Novice Mistakes

Top Novice Mistakes in Growing Marijuana 

There are lots of things to consider before growing a cannabis plant. For starters, they are prone to many mistakes that are usually common and easy to handle.  Compared to experts, they need more focus and experience in handling marijauna properly. We have listed the most common mistakes of newbies in growing weed and steps on how to avoid it.

 Over Saturation

The very most typical mistakes of novices are the overwatering of the plant. Remember that weeds are delicate shrubs; they can easily die by water. Your plant should not be watered too often. It should only be watered when the topmost part of the soil gets dry up.

 Wrong Managing of pH Levels

This is the trickiest part of the growth process because pH levels of the soil must be exact and accurate. Low pH level may lead to sickly plants and can cause loss of the weed. Most nutrient deficiency of the plant is caused by improper pH levels of soil. If you are growing it on soil, 6.0 to 7.0 pH levels is highly recommended; while 5.5 – 6.5 when it is in hydroponics.

 Touching the Germinating Seed

Germination of seed will increase the chances that the seed will produce a plant. Keep on mind that cannabis seeds are delicate and touching them might disrupt or damage the growth hormone of the seed. The germination process can last as 10 to 12 days.

 Improper Lighting

Many growers often misunderstood the importance of light to the plants. Light allows weed to photosynthesize its food and nutrients to supply its entire body. If the light is insufficient, the growth response will be slower and its body will tend to be more brittle and weak. Keep on mind that the more plant you have the more light you need.

 Over Fertilizing the Plant

Fertilizers and nutrients are essential to any kinds of plant; however, too few can kill it and too much is no longer good. Some fertilizers and plant additives have chemical substance that is not compatible to the cannabis. If you are not certain in the kind of fertilizer your using, best to use organic plant enhancers such as compost and perlite.

 Harvesting Too Early

Do not get too excited when the buds and leaves seemed big and good enough to harvest. Before you harvest your product, make sure that the growth process ceases completely. Waiting for the right time would be difficult, but when achieved you can get more yields than expected.

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