mexican sativa

Mexican Sativa in Mexico has a lengthy and chief cannabis custom. It coined the period ‘marijuana’ and Home to a few brilliant varieties of cannabis. These are infrequently seen in the exterior of her margins.

The chief antecedent and parent of the Mexican Sativa seed-strain is an award-winning cultivar from the southern prefecture of Oaxaca. The genes from Durban was infused to cope with this unique Sativa for a peak in the northern summer. Durban is an all better African Sativa.

Keeping individual qualities of the original injure, the top seed progeny were back-crossed to the Oaxacan line. Mexican Sativa combines the delicate flavors of three locations within her extended, smooth buds. Notes of sandalwood and aniseed are wrapped up in the sharp, new, resin-tinged scent of the Oaxacan unique.

Mex Sativa seeds are perfect for every garden grower. Those who need a simply cultured strain, aesthetically good-looking plants, and a clear, inspiring Sativa high. African will make you believe that less priced seeds should for all instances be of low quality. These Ladies of the Sierra Madre will astonish you!



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