Medical Marijuana

How to Grow Medical Marijuana

Marijauna  has been helpful to the medical world. Aside from it is legal; it also offers many remedies to different patience with several disorders.  There are a lot of weed varieties that are commercially available today. But in this article, we have listed the steps on how to grow medical marijauna legally and appropriately.

Get a Doctor’s Prescription

To make it lawfully, getting a prescription is the best way to have plant weed legally. If you live on places that medical marijuana are legal, like Netherlands and some part of the US, much better.

Choose Seeds Accordingly

There are various types and species of marijauna. Each strain has different effects and reliefs depending on the patient. Cannabis indica is a relaxant type of weed that can relieve muscle spasms, mobility issues, and sometimes used as pain killers. Another type of medical marijauna is the cannabis sativa which acts as stimulants, migraine, and nausea.

Germinate the Seeds

Germinate first the seed before planting the weed. This will make your weed increase its chance to grow. Keeping them in a dark place will speed its growth process in no time. Patience is a must because germination usually takes 1 to 3 days,.

Planting the Seeds

After germinating the seeds, plant seed first in unfertilized soil. Seeds can supply its own nutrient for their initial growth, so no need to worry about the sol nutrition. Let the seed grow in a pot for at least two weeks before transplanting it to a larger pot. Use fluorescent lamp. Be careful on exposing it to light because too much light can damage the plan If you are doing it indoor.


Prepare a bigger pot for transplanting the plant. Depending of your choice, you can fill it with a mixture of organic soil additives and fertilizer. This will provide the plant enough nutrients for the growth of the weed. Dig a hole as large as the smaller pot. Carefully remove the plant from the small pot and put it gently to the hole.

Watering the Plant

In saturating your weed, make sure you do not overdo it. Keep on mind that marijauna are sensitive plants, too much watering can be fatal. Water it when the upmost layer of soil is already dry.

Harvest the Plant

In about 10-15 weeks, you can already harvest your cannabis. The indication of ripeness of the plant is by the color of its buds.

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