maui waui seeds

Not the entire smokers’ care for to find smacked with an immediate high. Some similar to slide along as the buzz minimal unfolds. Such is the container while smoking Maui Waui. Tinged with a kind of fruity taste, Maui Waui seeds are smooth on the flavor buds. It lets you savor its flavor and aroma until, “wham!” – You’re stuck with rather a radical high. Of course, you’d want more after. 

Tend Well, Smoke Well

The damage originates from the hot islands of Hawaii, wherever it is classically developed outdoors. It packs huge buds full of resin and extra good stuff, most essential to large yield, come harvest season. The plant, as opposed to molds and disease, is more resilient than the goods of other marijuana seeds. With an incessant dose of production lights and dust enrichment, Maui Waui produces some of the darkest weed given in the underground trip. 

Surfing the High

Just the same to every Sativa, Maui Waui seeds gives a great, cerebral high. It might not come as quick as other strains, but the moment it does, you’re pleasantly entrapped in a psychedelic bobble, as if communicable one of Hawaii’s surf-friendly influence with your brain. Besides, with the plant’s elevated yield, you’ll for all time have others to enlarge your trip. Dude, you superior not neglect out on it. verify out our cannabis seeds for sale. 
Flowering Period: 8 – 9 weeks
Yield: 450 – 500 grams
Type: Sativa
Indoor or Outdoor: both but grows better outdoors