blueberry marijuana strain

One of the most well-known and best-selling marijuana strains in the world today would undoubtedly be the Blueberry marijuana strain. Highly regarded as one of the most premium and versatile strains ever developed, it has constantly made its way into almost every Top 10 Marijuana Strains list that you can find. With the ability to provide an almost unparalleled combination of flavors and effects, Blueberry definitely has a character of its own when it comes to the cannabis industry. This high profile marijuana strain has garnered a very loyal following of marijuana enthusiasts who, for many years, have cultivated and developed this strain for decades.

The Blueberry marijuana strain carries a legendary status that puts it in a class of its own. With countless marijuana experiences provided by this strain, it has long been considered a fan favorite among beginners and longtime smokers alike. 


Having been around for such a long time, the Blueberry marijuana strain is no stranger to the cannabis scene. It was first developed during the late 70s by cannabis expert and pioneer DJ Short, who is widely known as the Wizard of Weed, the Willy Wonka of Pot, and the Cannabis professor. The Blueberry was also one of the first marijuana strains that he developed and, unsurprisingly, the most famous and successful.  

While it is unknown where the exact origins of this strain are, people believe that it was first developed and produced in Detroit. The Blueberry marijuana strain is the result of crossbreeding three very pure landrace genetics: the original Afghani, some Thai Sativa, and Purple Thai. The Blueberry delivers a very strong and influential genetic makeup that only a few strains can compete with. Throughout the years, the Blueberry marijuana strain was able to rack up numerous awards and accolades because of its decadent flavors and mind-altering highs. It won the High Times Cannabis Cup during the year 2000 as the overall champion strain 


The Blueberry marijuana strain is an indica-dominant plant with 80% indica and 20% Sativa, often displaying strong indica influences in both its effects and plant structure. Because it is a regular marijuana strain, you will have to pay attention to the sprouting of both male and female plants. However, this does not mean that beginner growers cannot cultivate this strain. Regular seeds will make for great practice in order to build up your experience in cannabis growing. The Blueberry marijuana strain much prefers being grown indoors because of the warm and controlled climates. The plant structure is often very short, which is typical for many indica-dominant strains. The Blueberry plant reaches heights of around 3 to 4 feet, making it ideal for saving up some growing space while still being able to cultivate an ample amount. The leaves of this strain are quite wide and bushy, giving it a very dense and compact look. Regular trimming can help bring out the colors of this strain more. 

The cannabis buds of the Blueberry marijuana strain are very tightly-knitted together, forming a nice, heavy bud covered in frosty trichomes. These are also trimmed with pistils that radiate a very vibrant green and blue color. The leaves of the Blueberry marijuana plant give off a certain amber and red hue. Overall, the appearance is a very eye-catching sight that does well to reflect the flavors and effects that Blueberry imparts.   


Medical Value: While Indicas are known to carry very strong medical properties, this powerhouse marijuana strain is no exception. In fact, Blueberry is one of the most frequently used cannabis strains for both medical and recreational purposes. Because of the strong sedating effects, the Blueberry marijuana strain works perfectly for bringing people back up to speed after a long day at work. Often used to combat nausea and fatigue, the Blueberry marijuana strain will keep users’ minds intact while giving off a deep and relaxing feeling. This means that it will do little to cause any paranoia. Cancer patients who are exposed to radiation may feel dizzy and lose their appetites. Well, Blueberry has been known to stimulate a person’s hunger. Furthermore, the cerebral effects give users a sort of hazy feeling that lets people forget about their anxieties and depressing thoughts. 

Additionally, the strong body buzzes will release any pressure that is being built up in your muscles and joints, making it great for treating chronic pain and migraines. Because of its amazingly high CBD level of 2%, the body impacts of this strain help the blood flow circulate better and improve the overall performance of a person’s cardiovascular system. 

Recreational Effects: With a THC level of 15% to 19%, the Blueberry marijuana strain offers a very solid and bold high, often being described as a “one hit and quit” strain. It delivers a full-bodied and thick smoke that coats your entire palette with bursting flavors of fruits and berries. The sweet and slightly sour notes make it a very easy strain to take hits of. It will leave no irritation in your throat as you take deep inhales of this classic. Additionally, the slightly earthy and pine flavors give it a little more character.

Because it is mainly an indica-dominant strain, the Blueberry will impart a strong yet blissful high that sweeps over your entire body. You will immediately feel blanketed with a deep sense of relaxation that soothes every inch of your body. As it is known to be a very effective stress-reliever, smokers will typically light up a joint of this during the night time because of the drowsy effects that is can produce. 

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