Marijuana Seeds Germination: What Methods are Unknown to You?

Germination is a process where new plants start to grow from seeds. Also known as “popping”, germination is the first step in starting your own cannabis garden. You can buy marijuana seeds from a wide variety of sources and can differ in quality. 

Online seed banks are usually your greatest bet for genetic diversity and quality. However, overseas transactions are available in several areas within various countries.

What’s Next After You Buy Marijuana Seeds?

Once you have marijuana seeds, you have to consider several factors in germinating them. The seeds need the following so that the germination process will be a success:

  • Moisture – you must keep the seeds moist but never soak them for too long. You can leave them soaked in the water but within 24 to 32 hours only. 
  • Warmth – also, you need to keep everything warm to achieve the correct germination rates. But, be sure the seeds don’t go too hot. 
  • Think springtime – cannabis seeds can germinate in cooler temperatures, but germinating seeds will take more time when the environment is cold.
  • Plant root down – in planting germinated marijuana seeds, you should point the white root downward in the growing medium to prevent the seeds from reorienting themselves. 
  • Gentle – take extra care when checking your marijuana seeds. Treat them in a gentle way if you need to move them. Avoid touching the white root whenever possible. The taproot is extremely fragile and will snap off easily. 
  • Plant knuckle deep – in planting germinated seeds, they do not need to be too far underneath the growing medium. Instead, they should be around a ½ to 1 inch or 1.3 to 2.5 centimeters down from the medium’s surface. 

Marijuana Seed Germination Methods

The greatest germination method is the one that will work for you. It can be something natural and simple. Here are the 3 easiest methods for germinating marijuana seeds.

#1. Germinating Marijuana Seeds in Soil

This is the most commonly used method in germinating marijuana seeds. This method is the most successful of all ways to germinate seeds of any cannabis strain. It is ideal for ensuring that the young seeds have limited interference because the soil protects their fragile roots. 

Likewise, this germination method is the most natural way of growing cannabis seeds. In using cannabis seeds, make sure that you use the correct type. Use a slightly fertilized potting soil. If not, use a seed starter instead. Whatever you choose, its pH level must be around 6. This form of soil will have mineral and spores which will help the young plants thrive. 

#2. Germinating Marijuana Seeds in Water

Water germination helps a lot because it ensures that there’s the ideal volume of moisture to start germinating. When done for a short time, it will help crack open the seed shells to let the young plants pre-sprout before your eyes. Water germination will shorten the process by making the whole thing easier for the young plants instead of having to push them over the soil. 

In germinating marijuana seeds using water, get a glass of tap water and set it aside let it reach the room temperature. The water’s temperature must be approximately 18 degrees Celsius or 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t add nutrients. Put 2 or 3 cannabis seeds in the water and observe them for changes. Then, you refill the empty glass with fresh water every other day while sustaining the temperature. 

#3. Germinating Cannabis Seeds with Paper Towels or Cotton Pads

Another simple way to germinate cannabis seeds is by using paper towels or cotton pads. It’s a typical way of germinating cannabis seeds because the paper towels or cotton pads are capable of keeping them seeds wet and protected. Cotton pads are very effective, but non-porous paper towels are also capable. Just be sure you use plain single-ply paper towels. 

Just like the water method, germinating has its risk. If you’re not careful, you could damage the fragile roots whilst transferring them to the soil. You can tangle the roots in the wet paper towel if you’re careless. Use your tweezers or fingers to move subtle sprouts and prevent the roots from growing too long before you move the plants to the soil. 

#4. Germinating Cannabis Seeds in the Rockwool

Rockwool gives the ideal environment for marijuana seed germination. It’s a mineral wool made of volcanic rock and certain materials like limestone and basalt. Rockwool is a man-made grow medium through melting the ingredients in molten lava which can rapidly spin in threads. Then, these threads will be trampled, preserved, and cut. 

#5. Germinating Cannabis Seeds in Peat Pellets

Peat pellets are also a good way of germinating cannabis seeds. This method is safe because it doesn’t damage the developing roots. These are compacted pet crafted using partially decomposed vegetable substance loved by young plants. 

Peat pellets will enlarge once you add water to them. Doing this will create a container of nutrient-rich soil substitute which is good for germinating marijuana seeds. 

Compared to Rockwool, peat pellets are enhanced for marijuana germination. They have a pH level of 5.5 and a TDS rate of 625, so you don’t need making some adjustments. The sole preparation needed is soaking the peat pellets in hot water. When the roots start to appear out of the peat pellets, just move the whole pellets to the soil, coco coir, rockwool, or somewhere else where the plants should continue growing. This germination method is highly recommended for the hydroponic setups.

Peat pellets come with a great germination rate. They are also easy to use, making them ideal for novice growers. Peat pellets are also suitable for growing new cannabis plants through the cloning process. The National Human Genome Research Institute said the term “cloning” defines a number of various processes which you can use in producing genetically similar copies of any biological entity. Animals and plants like cannabis are good examples of biological entities involved in cloning. 

Final Word

Germinating cannabis seeds is best to do indoors. That’s because when done indoors, it is easier to maintain the ideal temperature and water levels. Also, you can limit the plants’ exposure to light. Even if you choose to buy marijuana seeds and grow them outdoors, the germination process should take place indoors. Plant them outdoors after germinating them.

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