Marijuana in Hydroponics

How to Grow Medical Marijuana Hydroponically

Growing plants with the use of water instead of soil as source of nutrients can now easily be done even with sophisticated marijauna plants. Plants grown in water shows higher growth rates compared to soil grown if met with right conditions. Even diseases can be easily be noticed and diagnosed in a soilless environment. However, exact amount of light, water, nutrients, and ventilation must be supplied to achieve good results. This guide will give you a simple and right way of doing soil free planting.

 Set Everything Up

Gather the materials that are needed in the whole process before starting. These materials include marijuana seeds, Hydroponic nutrients, pots, grow lights, timer, and pH soil tester. Prepare the area where you are growing the seeds. Proper lighting can greatly optimize the plant production capacity. A room with white walls is excellent for reflecting light for better light efficiency. Set up the grow lights slightly above the plants and raise it slowly as the plants grow. Make sure that the plant can get the right amount of light. The ideal amount of light that should be supplied is 7,000-8,000 lumens per square foot. Remember not to overheat or under heat the weed plant.

Proper ventilation is also needed to supply decent amount of air in and out of the room. Exhaust fans can be set up on the walls. Proper ventilation can also maintain the temperatures inside the room to prevent overheating.

 Start Germinating the Seeds

To produce seedlings, you need to place the weed seeds on top of paper towel and pour some water. Fold the towel in a way that the seeds remain inside. Place the paper towel inside a sealable plastic bag then place in dark area for at least one day or until it starts to germinate. Once it has sprouted, transfer the plant into a pot with coco coir.

 Feed Plant with Water

Start the amount of nutrients at a quarter concentration and increase slowly to full concentrations every two days. Never give the plant too many nutrients because it can inhibit plant growth due to increase in toxicity. Maintain pH of 5.5 to 6.0.

 Apply Proper Plant Rearing

Water the plant to ensure an optimum growth every couple of days to replenish the evaporated and absorbed water. Give them 18-24 hours of light to simulate summer season until the desired height is achieved. Then start the flowering stage. To produce flowers, apply 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Wait until the buds became mature.

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