Beginner Tips

Beginner Tips for Growing Cannabis

Marijuana is an astonishing shrub that can be planted in many different ways and places.  They can be both indoors, outdoors, or hydroponically and have their own advantages. In this guideline, the best option for beginners is to grow weed is indoors. The main aim here is to protect your plant from any foreign organisms and parasites. Here are 6 easy step-by-step guidelines and methods in proper care of marijuana.

 Choose Convenient Place to Grow

Choose between growing them indoors, outdoors, or through hydroponics according to its convenience. You can freely choose any kind of Cannabis strain as all of them can endure an indoor environment. First-timers and people with limited space are advised to try starting with auto-flowering strains that tend to grow smaller.

 Regulate Soil Quality

The major concern after selecting the appropriate type of cannabis is the soil. Get the best soil as possible. Sterilizing soil is a must to avoid foreign parasitic organisms by baking it in an oven for over an hour at 250 degrees. Make sure to moisten it thoroughly before boiling to avoid the stinky smell of the soil. If not sure about the quality of soil, mix a tablespoon of fertilizer in every gallon of the mixture.

 Keep Ambient Temperature

Always keep the room at an average level of temperature, around 25 degree Celsius, to avoid slowing the growth of the plant. Through tubes and a fan air must be extracted from the room, by using carbon filters to get rid of the weed smell. Cannabis plant needs a continuous supply of fresh air to stay healthy and grow.

 Choose the Right Kind of Seeds

There are two kinds of seeds to choose from either Auto Feminized seeds or regular seeds. AutoFem can take 70 days before harvesting and under a lighting exposure of 20 hours on and four hours off. The traditional seed usually takes 9 weeks prior of its flowering. Make sure to germinate the seeds before planting to be certain that it will grow properly.  The germinating process normally takes 24 hours.

 Proper Lighting

The best way in growing weed indoors is by using HPS lights. These are cheaper and lower cost lamps than LED lights. The most common HPS lights are 250W, 400W, and 600W.

 Enough Watering

The most essential thing in watering is to do it regularly with room temperature water. The soil must be evenly wet all the way to the bottom of the cannabis. Remember that cannabis is a sensitive type of plant, wherein you can easily drown it just as you can let it too dry.

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