Looking for Quality Cannabis Seeds – Here’s the Checklist You Need

What do marijuana seeds look like? Maybe you are asking this to yourself and you are curious about how does it look in person. With the legalization of marijuana in many states in the US, a number of people are beginning to educate their selves about this plant. There actually a variation of the cannabis plants and they can be produced in diverse ways. The vigor of cannabis plants can differ largely from one plant to another and from one production to another.

The cannabis plant or commonly called marijuana is not a particular type of plant. If you are planning to cultivate or grow your own cannabis farm, then there are many things to consider and these include all the required accessories and environment. Plus, growing your plant indoors or in a greenhouse can also be expensive. Lastly, nurturing and tending cannabis plants are also a very important matter. There actually three kinds of cannabis plants (ruderalis, indica, sativa), and knowing them is the basis of successful cannabis growing.

When you are starting into cultivating cannabis plants, looking for quality cannabis seeds is very important. Once you have high-quality cannabis seeds, you not only lessen the process of cultivating, but your cannabis plants could yield buds that are high in potency level, flavor, and mental and physical effects. The checklist below will help you guide to understand how to choose the best cannabis seeds that will equal the flavors and effects that you are searching for.

What do Marijuana Seeds Look Like?

Before we do some checklist when looking for quality cannabis seeds, let us go back to the first question in this article. What do marijuana seeds look like? Simply, they look like small marbled brownish seeds and when you press them they should be hard. You can see these seeds sometimes when you buy a bag of weed, but the quality of plants growing from these seeds may not be as good as those high-quality marijuana seeds.

Marijuana is a dioecious plant which means that you can find the male and female reproductive organs on a different individual. Female cannabis plants are produced in an environment without males to make what we see in recreation and medical shops. The female cannabis is seedless and has high vigor marijuana flowers which are commonly known as sinsemilla.

Cannabis Seeds Production

The process of production starts when the flower of the female cannabis plant is pollinated by a male plant. The female flower then create seeds after this prior procedure. Nevertheless, there are variations of cannabis that can make some male flowers in a company with female flowers on a similar plant, mostly if left to flower for a considerable length of time than the usual period and vulnerable to environmental stressors. This kind of process is called hermaphrodite condition, and there are times also that these male flowers will make possible pollen and self-pollinate the nearby female flowers to produce seeds.

The female plant starts to die after the seeds matured, and the seeds will fall off to the ground where they sprout and multiply into new cannabis plants when spring comes. These marijuana seeds can also be collected for processing into food products or into hemp seed oil. In this article, a quick checklist of what you should consider in looking for high-quality cannabis seeds will be discussed if you want to begin cultivating your own cannabis plants soon.

Here is the enumerated content when finding for a better quality cannabis seeds

It is important that you select high-quality cannabis seeds and you should not buy bulk seeds as some of these may not germinate well and could give inferior yields. If you are interested, the list below will help you get prepared to start growing cannabis plants at home.

1. Ordering Cannabis Seeds Online

You can find cannabis seeds on many online seed banks which some are located in Spain, the Netherlands, Canada, and the United Kingdom. These seed banks are the best places to buy high-quality cannabis seeds online. They cautiously picked cannabis seeds that are bred to have outstanding genetics in the industry of cannabis with high rates of development.

Here some tips when ordering cannabis seeds:

• If you want a faster harvest, then purchase auto-flowering strains with a lifespan estimation of more or less than 10 weeks.
• Select female seeds if you like to ensure that every single plant produces buds.
• Purchase any strain if you want more flexibility and selections, but make sure to avoid ordering tall strains if possible as these can become disorderly indoors.

2. Color and Shape

Not all cannabis seeds have the same color. Healthy cannabis seeds should have light to dark brown in color and have a turtle shell-like or burled pattern on its coat. Seeds that are whitish or has a light green color are still underdeveloped and should be put away. The shape of high-quality cannabis seeds should look like a full rounded shape teardrop. Those seeds that are flat do not create a better kind of cannabis plants.

3. Size and Texture

The larger the seeds the higher the quality they are. Less is more when it comes to cannabis seeds. The heavier cannabis seeds are mainly high-quality seeds than the lighter ones. Plus, if the seeds are older there is a possibility that they have already lost nutrients and moisture which lessens their total weight.

For texture, quality cannabis seeds should be firmed. They should have a sturdy seed coat that protects the life that will spring up inside. If seeds are squishy or tender then they should not be planted because they will result in having poor quality cannabis plants. You should remember also that quality seeds will sink in water, if some seeds are floating in the water then they are in poor quality.

4. Storage and Cost

Cannabis seeds are usable for up to ten years, but the best seeds in terms of efficiency will only have a lifespan around 12 to 18 months. The seeds should be stored in dry, cool, and dark environment to keep them from molding or any fungal problems. You can also store them in a freezer to prolong seeds’ lives.

When talking about the price then it is understandable that high-quality cannabis seeds are not cheap. If you find seeds that promise great genetics for an affordable price, then there is a possibility that it is too good to be true.

These are several terms to look for when choosing quality cannabis seeds. With this information, the question about what do marijuana seeds look like has now given a proper answer. In addition, when looking for quality cannabis seeds, the genetics of cannabis seeds are the most important part of seed quality. You should have good genetics to grow quality cannabis plants.

The keys to achieving healthy cannabis plants begin with high-quality cannabis seeds, and following the checklist above could help you find the best seeds. It is also important that there is an adequate watering, good light condition, and complete nutrients to obtain good production. Be cautious in sourcing cannabis seeds and make sure that you only purchase the quality ones so you can guarantee that you will get the right genetics you are searching for.

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