List of Marijuana Strains Best for First Time Growers

Searching for marijuana seeds for sale in the USA? If you are thinking about how to get started with your new-found interest in cannabis plants, growing marijuana is a bit challenging but offers great rewards.

As you probably know, a lot of consumers are becoming more accustomed to buying cannabis from dispensaries. This was made possible after the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in some states. The laws, regulations, and limitations vary for each state, but most of these US states do permit home cultivation to qualified individuals.

Setting up your cannabis garden may be overwhelming at first but the process of cannabis cultivation can still be simple and fun.

What is a Cannabis Strain?

Currently, there are hundreds of available cannabis strains but we don’t need to know everything for now. First-time cannabis grower must need to give focus on the essential information because you don’t to be swamped with unnecessary details of marijuana cultivation.

Healthline defines strains as “different breeds of cannabis, and they’re bred to have specific effects on the user”. Aside from the three commonly known cannabis strains which are the Indica, Sativa and Hybrid some dispensaries are also selling other strains of cannabis plants. But today we’ll only talk about the three basic strains of marijuana.

Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica is a short and bushy plant with wide leaves. This cannabis strain usually matures faster and has a greater yield than the Sativa variety. Cannabis Indica plants also have higher CBD and lower THC.

Major qualities of Cannabis Indica strain:

  • Promotes mental relaxation
  • Promotes muscle relaxation
  • Reduces nausea
  • Reduces acute pain
  • Boosts appetite
  • Elevates dopamine
  • Recommended for night time use

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa is the opposite of the Indica strain. This plant matures tall and slim with narrow leaves. Cannabis Sativa plants have a lighter shade of green as opposed to Cannabis Indica strain. Sativa strains also have lower CBD and higher THC counts.

Major qualities of Cannabis Sativa strain:

  • Reduces anxiety symptoms
  • Serves anti-depressant
  • Aids in chronic pain
  • Enhances focus and creativity
  • Elevates serotonin
  • Recommended for day time use

Cannabis Hybrid Strain

Cannabis Hybrid Strain plants are the product of mixing the other two main classes of cannabis strains which are the Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Cannabis Hybrid strains examples are Blue Dream, Jilly Bean as well as Dutch treat, and Banana Kush.

Elements to a Perfect Cannabis Cultivation Environment

1. Direct Light

When growing marijuana, breeders should provide the light that is bright but not too bright to plants. One of the major factors that will determine your yields, and with smaller grow is the level of light you provide to plants.

2. Air Circulation

Be certain that your cannabis plants always have a gentle breeze and plenty of fresh air. Keeping a good air circulation will not only get your marijuana plants to mature faster but getting this right also prevents problems with mold and common marijuana pests like fungus gnats and spider mites.

3. Suitable Temperature

Marijuana plants grow perfectly with temperatures between 70-85°F (20-30°C) ranges. First-time breeders may start run into problems when the plants experience a sudden change in temperature, so it is important to maintain the right temperature for the plants.

4. Humidity

Humidity does not commonly cause any major issue in growing cannabis plants. But learning to get the right humidity for plants may result in faster maturation and more resin production of your marijuana buds.

5. Reflection

To get the most from your indoor grow lights to reflect light at your cannabis plants. Breeders may use a reflective material instead of letting the wall space absorb the extra light. This material will help to bounce back the light towards the plants.

Recommended Cannabis Strains for First Time Breeders

Autoflowering Cannabisif your goal is to harvest cannabis as fast as possible, the best choice is often to grow an auto-flowering strain of marijuana. Breeders have the option to harvest marijuana plants from autoflowering cannabis in just 2-3 months from the germination stage.

Green Crack⎯Green Crack is a perfect choice for anyone wanting a strong Sativa-dominant plant.Green Crack Strain plants contains a sweet citrus essence and gives high-energy efficiency. This strains also blend perfectly, giving rise to an uplifted and motivational high.

Blue Dream⎯This strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that originated in California. Blue Dream strain can be obtain from combining a Blueberry Indica with Sativa Haze. Blue Dream provides body relaxation with slight cerebral invigoration. Firs-time and veteran consumers alike enjoy the level effects of this hybrid strain which lets you gently feel a sense of calm euphoria.

Wonder Woman⎯Wonder Woman strains provide breeders an easy time and resistant to common beginner mistakes. It has a perfect ratio of CBD and THC making it recommendable to use anytime during the day.

Final Thoughts

Trying to familiarize and understand different strains can seem overwhelming but remember that you can always ask for help. Each strain can have slightly different characteristics and qualities, so it’s always good to do your research. If you live in a state that has legalized marijuana, you may want to visit a dispensary and ask questions with a trained staff member. Experts in cannabis can surely recommend specific strains for beginners.

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