best marijuana strain for sex

To improve both your mental and physical pleasure, there is nothing quite like adding cannabis to your sexual experience. Marijuana is good for calming, and your sensations are also heightened. It’s helpful to remove sexual inhibitions as well. These effects can be achieved by several strains, although some are better at this than others. You need one which does a lot of it all if you’re looking for the best marijuana strain for sex. If you want an earth-shattering pleasure or a soothing, gentle cuddle, the first move is to put a little thinking into it. In this article, you will learn about the best marijuana strains for sex.

Best Marijuana Strain for Sex

If you don’t use cannabis for your sex life yet, it’s a great idea to get started. Regular marijuana users appear to have much more sex than non-smokers or occasional users, according to research. The reason behind this may be because the right marijuana strain can improve your performance and it makes it better. Using marijuana for sex, everyone is most likely to enjoy it and they even want more of it. 

If you need help of finding and choosing the best marijuana strain for sex to improve your sex life then this article is made for you. Below is the best marijuana strain for sex you can use before doing sexual intercourse with your partner.

Bubblegum Strain

Bubblegum is an indica-dominant strain that will not ease an exciting orgasm that will make you continue to think of how to put treatment on the many bruises after sex that run on your back. Speaking of happy orgasm, the waves of satisfaction will run through your mind and body for hours with just eye-contact with your mate. Literally, it’s a happy and comfortable high that may take a while before your body is affected. Usually, as it starts kicking in it does with a tingle around your face, neck, and temples and it will make your cheeks blush. Mental and physical tension would then withdraw to the rim to make it easier and more profound for the user to breathe.

Bubblegum strain gives citrus with good effects of the combination of orange and sour lemon but has a little sweet taste on it. But do not expect that this strain will give you a sugary sweet bubblegum flavor. While it is not a high energy pressure, there is a noticeable giggling propensity that can provide a romantic and pleasant vibe for the consumer.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is the product of two popular Indica strains, the Big Bud and the Purple Urkle, which in the 2000s struck the California marketplace and made a reputation for itself by offering euphoria both physical and mental effects of relaxation. Because of its effects, many users usually refer to it as a green viagra. Consumers love the beautiful, dreamy buzz that makes them do sexual intercourse that is gentle, slow. This strain is good for calming self-consciousness as it enhances the sense of pleasure. Users are not distracted from getting used to it to alleviate pain and stress.

Granddaddy Purple has a combination of grape and berry scent, reflecting its taste profile. You will definitely enjoy the taste of the berry and grape flavor if you’re aiming for an absolutely delicious draw and awesome effect. Using this is above its prescribed dose, due to its very high Indica material, it can make you motionless, however, this strain is not really great for all time sex. 


Trainwreck is a Hybrid marijuana strain with a Sativa dominance and that has just 10 percent Indica content. That just means that this marijuana strain brings an intense high in the brain that lifts your mood and takes the feeling of euphoria, but it also gives a bit of a seductive, warm body buzz. Although the name of the strain tends to be very good for hook-ups consisting of dirty messes, the name actually relates to the actual train wreck that happened to be near the original growing area.

The trainwreck has a fruity and earthy taste, but the presence of both pepper and pine notes is also noticed by a lot of consumers. Its high THC level content is good for washing the pain out so many people suggest that it be used for extreme sex with discomfort as much as possible. This strain, though, makes the consumer do a lot of sex that is meant to be unpleasant, so this strain is more appropriate than anything else for the unpleasant BDSM attempt.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a 55 percent Sativa-dominant hybrid variety, and it was named after a long-term marijuana advocate. When you’re using it while having a hectic day, there seem to be a lot of notable features. It works rapidly and provides a stimulating headrush that turns into a twitching that travels down the body all the way. It gives a mind buzz and pleasure at the same time, it is awesome to use for great sex, inspiration, and a focused mind. The visualizations are greatly improved, so imagine enjoyable lovemaking that involves slowly telling your mates your sexual urges in their ears

Bruce Banner

This marijuana strain, also a Sativa-dominant strain, has a very high THC content that reaches up to 30 percent. Both the cannabis Indica and Sativa components of the Bruce Banner were combined to offer a tickling feeling. The user can feel the extreme and rapid impact of this pressure until it cools down, generating innovative thinking and an uplifting feeling for the users. Almost all of its Sativa effects influence the mind of the user,  and they can also sense body relaxation. 

Bruce Banner’s strain sounds exciting in doing sexual activity. Consume a handful of this and try new kinds of positions or foreplay that you have fantasized about. This strain is a Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush blend that gives both the diesel and sweet smell and the taste associated with both strains as well. While it may not be the tastiest buds, Bruce Banner is a good strain to use and makes it totally worth it with an incredible effect on your sexual behavior.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel strain is an incredibly well-known Sativa-dominant strain that works rapidly and, along with some moderately cerebral effects, gives consumers rapid energy. It precisely restores neuronal activity in the brain of the users, so it is a slightly up-roaring high combined with a little physical soothing impact. This strain produced insatiability such that the individuals using this strain enhance their sexual behavior. This strain is suitable for sexual encounters whenever the consumer feels like their heart is pounding, increasing arousal, and sometimes because of feeling excited, the skin gets too hot. This strain is one of the greatest strains of cannabis for sexual activity.

Blue Dream

It is one of the finest marijuana strains you can purchase for sexual arousal. This Sativa-dominant cannabis clears your mind and soothes you down, providing you with a small amount of mental relaxation that contributes to thrilling lovemaking. This strain can give you euphoria and does not make you get a couch-lock look after using it. Your negative feelings are diminished, and your confidence is increased. Users claim that Blue Dream is an efficient injection of energy that contributes to pleasure sex that makes it perfect for the lovers.

Final Thoughts

It is recommended to ask a regular marijuana user for a better understanding of the effects of those strains mentioned above when in terms of sexual activity. Sometimes it takes trial and error for you and your partner to finally find the best marijuana strain for sex and the right strain suited in your bedroom activity. You also have to take note to use marijuana strain that comes from a reputable and trusted source or dispensaries. If you already make up your mind, then give it a shot and enjoy! 

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