Landrace Marijuana Strains – Myths and Facts

When talking about marijuana, their diversity sets them apart. From Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies to Fruity Pebbles, there’s always a strain that stands out for each occasion. The cannabis industry truly established a wide array of strains that boasts different flavors and aroma. So, you have to choose your strain very well especially when buying marijuana seeds online. Despite all the advancements to their names and breed, the original breeds of marijuana remain, in the form of landrace strains.

Botanists can point out the whole marijuana genealogy back to an authentic landrace strain located in the Hindi Kush region of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

What are Landrace Marijuana Strains

Landrace marijuana seeds range from pure landrace indica and sativa strains, and you can purchase them even in seed banks. Though most classic landrace seeds are difficult to find, given the fact that they have been outbred by the latest seeds, several collectors and breeders sell rare sourced and locale-adapted marijuana seeds. This provides growers from different parts of the world the chance to work with seeds that have adaptable genetics that can survive in different climates.

Landrace marijuana seeds can be accessed at seed banks. However, they are usually available in limited stock and they have a fast cut off because of the nature of accessing the seeds. For instance, the sources dry up fast which leaves the seeds in limited quantity most of the time.

A landrace seed is a type of marijuana plant that has less processed DNA compared to other varieties of marijuana seeds. Landrace seeds have never been crossbred with another species of marijuana. It still possesses all of its authentic or original qualities.

What makes them even more special is the fact that they are indigenous in some parts of the world. This means that they managed to adapt to a specific environment of a certain geographic location. Moreover, since these landrace seeds are the pioneer marijuana plant from that place, hybrids from the seeds usually carry the name of the region. The most popular examples are Super Lemon Haze, Durban Thai, and Kandy Kush.

To clearly explain the history behind this, the authentic seed that was developed in the Hindu Kush a thousand years ago was a rare and wild species. Primitive potheads obtained seeds from that rare species and cultivated them in different parts of the world thousands of years ago. Those plants that are directly descended from the authentic species are now considered as landrace strains.

From this historical moment which happened almost 200 years ago, people continued the preservation of this authentic species by performing selective breeding of the marijuana plant to achieve different types of genetic profile. With this, massive modern hybrid strains have been created and these are the ones we enjoy today.

Five Top Landrace Strains in the World

The following are the five most popular landrace strains from all over the world:

Hindu Kush, Pakistan
Acapulco Gold, Mexico
Lamb’s Bread, Jamaica
Durban Poison, Africa
Panama Red, Central America

This list of landrace strains only highlights the pure genetic profile of the seeds. It also describes its indigenous upbringing. It doesn’t suggest that this particular variety of strain will reduce your anxiety ten times more than a high-CBD strain or get you extremely high compared to a Blue Dream.

Newly-Bred strains work better than these landrace strains, in terms of producing the effects that users are looking for in the medicinal and recreational aspect. This is because landrace strains offer the traditional marijuana high but hybrids are developed to provide specific effects that are customized to how marijuana users like it.

Landrace strains are not “superior” compared to modern strains. They don’t have any unique characteristics that will make you think that they are better than freshly bred strains. All they have is less altered DNA.

They have a similar genetic profile to the wild species of marijuana plant compared to hybrids we have today. It’s just like comparing old models of car to the latest BMW. You will have a great experience riding around in a BMW than you would with an outdated car. BMW offers extreme comfort, advanced features, and faster speed – but it’s still good to look back on where it came from. That’s how landrace strains are treated today. They are very helpful to scientists, botanists, and pot purists.

One benefit that you could get from smoking a landrace strain is you get the chance to experience the authentic effects created by the original marijuana strain. Another characteristic of a landrace strain is that it is close to heirloom varieties. These are the varieties that scientists study for specific traits. While hybrid strains possess characteristics which modern users want, there are some traits which become lost due to cross-breeding.

Is It Worth It To Try Landrace Strain?

Yes! Landrace strains are worth a taste. There is an authenticity to strains with lower THC and CBD.

But a little reminder, don’t spend all of your money just to try landrace strain, it’s not worth it and you will likely feel disappointed. Modern strains offer much better recreational and medicinal effects. Note that landrace strains are not that strong and potent, they simply don’t have any unique features that will make them a better counterpart to modern-day strains. It’s still a debatable subject to crossbreed landrace strain so they can offer better effects to recreational and medical users of marijuana.

Knowing about the history of landrace strains is good, but considering them as the next big thing in the marijuana industry might be a bad idea unless experts find one of a kind feature in their DNA that can cure depression, anxiety, or cancer, then they are worth the shot. Landrace strains are more popular with breeders rather than users. Breeders like Subcool take the time to study both modern and landrace strains in developing newer strains.

Marijuana Seeds Online

When you purchase marijuana seeds in online dispensaries and pot shops, consider feminized seeds. They are the most sought after seed type in the marijuana industry. They are specially developed to carry zero male chromosomes. This breeding method was undertaken by breeders to guarantee that all seeds will grow female flowers that are resinous and beneficial to create the perfect buds.

Apart from that, feminized seeds also have high yield production. They give zero risks of growing male plants that are dangerous to female plants. This is because male plants can pollinate female plants, which in turn damage the entire harvest. Usually, growers identify male plants and throw them away, which is a waste of money. But with feminized seeds, you don’t have to identify your plant’s sexes and you won’t throw away any part of your crop. All you need to do is to wait for your female plants to grow and thrive into healthy and lush buds.

Lastly, feminized seeds are perfect if you are growing marijuana for recreational purposes. They produce buds that are fit for smoking or vaping. For growers who cultivate their stash of weed, feminized seeds are the most suitable candidates.

Aside from all of these advantages that you could get from cultivating feminized marijuana seeds, there are still a lot of benefits that it could offer. For instance, the primary reason why growers select feminized seeds compared to other varieties is the fact that it is simple and straightforward to plant. It can enter the flowering stage in just a matter of a few months, which offers a huge benefit for marijuana farmers. Apart from that, feminized seeds eliminate the tiring process of identifying male over female plants, since all are guaranteed to grow into females. This will provide growers more time to take care of their plants and prepare for the harvesting period.

If you want to start your marijuana garden but you are worried that you don’t have the in-depth knowledge and skills of an expert in terms of identifying male over female plants, don’t worry because feminized seeds are specifically made for growers like you. There are many dispensaries and garden centers that sell feminized seeds at an affordable price. You could also check online pot shops because they deliver feminized seeds right to your doorstep.


Marijuana has a wide variety of different strains. Some are pure and original just like landrace strains while others are altered by professional breeders from different parts of the world, you can experience this when you order marijuana seeds online. The most popular strains today are the hybrids because they offer customized effects, flavor, and scent to marijuana enthusiasts.

You can choose from fruity to woody scented strains, and sour to sweet flavored weed. You get to experience personalized effects such as euphoric, energizing, happy, uplifting, relaxing, soothing, or mental sharpness. It all depends on how you like your weed, so head over to your favorite dispensary or you can also cultivate your plant today.

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