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Have you ever heard people referring to the effects of weed to being lost in space? Some consumers also call marijuana brownies space cake, something that also refers to its uplifting and overpowering relaxing effects.  You’ll appreciate these once you taste a unique hybrid strain known as Space Candy strain. What is Space Candy and why it’s so named will all be answered in this short but highly informative post.

What is Space Candy Strain?

Space Candy is as sweet as it sounds. It is a hybrid strain with even amounts of sativa at 50% and indica 50%. Its characteristics are balanced and therefore this is one hint that it can be enjoyed as a medical strain and a recreational strain.

Space Candy strain comes with a high 22% THC, therefore, it is slightly euphoric, will keep you energetic. It is mostly consumed in the morning to enhance energy and drown out physical and mental fatigue. It is ideal for a beginner as well as professional users because of its mild and pleasing effects.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Where does Space Candy come from?

Space Candy was made by combining two impressive strains Space Queen and Cotton Candy. Space Queen is sativa-dominant strain with an unknown sativa and indica percentage. The name itself warns you of a satisfying psychoactive high due to its high THC at 22%; something similar to Space Candy’s effects.

Meanwhile, Cotton Candy is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that also has tough 22% THC levels. It has lovely buds with the taste similar to cotton candy. But compared to Space Candy that’s perfect for daytime consumption, Cotton Candy is for evening use.                                      

What are the effects of Space Candy Strain?

Space Candy has a unique effect due to its mixed sativa and indica lineage.  You may find the effects very hard to process since it is a combination of euphoria and deep relaxation. It comes with an overwhelming relaxed effect which also brings about a tingly euphoric feeling. It will also make you feel uplifted and happy.

Because of all these positive effects, users prefer to use this in the morning or before indulging in social activities. You’ll feel that energetic vibe or that overpowering confidence to talk to people and engage in new activities.

Is Space Candy a Medical Strain?

Space Candy also comes with impressive therapeutic effects. It is a strain with natural mood-enhancing effects which can help reduce stress and depression. You can conquer physical and mental stress and fatigue with this strain which is why it is taken in the morning.

You can use Space Candy for insomnia. It has tough relaxing effects that will help you cope with insomnia and sleeplessness. You can deal with pain because Space Candy has powerful analgesic effects. Aside from headaches, you can stop muscle pain, muscle strain, chronic pain, and post-surgical pain.      

Are there any Side Effects of Space Candy Strain?

Space Candy has impressive natural and medical effects but at the same time has negative effects as well. Using this strain can cause excessive dry mouth and moderate dry eyes. These two side effects are due to the high THC content of the strain. You will also experience moderate anxiety as well as dizziness. All these are due to THC and can be more pronounced when the user is new to consuming Space Candy. Finally, Space Candy can also cause headaches.   

What does Space Candy Smell Like?

Space Candy is exactly what its name suggests. It is sweet with a slight berry and earthy smell and taste. It is possible to be able to still taste these flavors even after taking this strain for hours.

This strain can be grown indoors as well as outdoors but when grown indoors, you need to take care of its strong smell. Install filters or use fans to remove the stale and smelly air. You must keep the smell at bay especially when you plan to grow Space Candy stealthily.

How do you Grow Space Candy?

Useful growing information about Space Candy

Sativa or indica: Balanced hybrid 50% sativa, 50% indica

Growing difficulty: Easy to grow

Growing area: Indoors or outdoors

Genetics: Space Queen, Cotton Candy

Height: Small <30 inches

Yield: 1 to 3 ounces per square feet

Flowering time: 7 to 9 weeks

Effects: Euphoric and uplifted

THC: 18% to 22%

CBD: 1%

You can buy Space Candy in seed form. Growing in seeds will prolong the life cycle but it is likely that most of the plants will be males. And to create more female plants, growers use pre-germination techniques such as soaking.

Space Candy grows green buds with colorful violet and red shades. Each bud is blunt on one end is tapered on the other end. The buds will grow a thick layer of trichomes and delicious resin.

Outdoor or Indoor Growing?

Space Candy is easy to grow. It has strong stems and branches. When it is grown outdoors, it can withstand severe environmental factors just like high moisture levels in the air, pests and strong wind.

You can grow Space Candy indoors or outdoors but most people prefer to cultivate this strain indoors because of its compact size. It is easy to grow a small garden indoors or inside a growing tent. Also, indoor growing lets you care for your plants better and will help you protect your plants against the environment and also from pests and molds.

What is the Best Soil for Growing Space Candy?

An organic growing medium is the best soil to grow Space Candy. You can buy organic soil from most garden shops online or offline. Another thing to consider is using sandy-clayey soil. This type of soil can absorb water and nutrients better and can drain excess water and nutrients too.

Sandy-clayey soil will also allow oxygen to move through the soil to reach the roots. Oxygen is needed by all plants to manufacture food and for plants’ overall well- being. And coupled with using the best soil is planting your Space Candy in large pots with adequate drainage holes at the bottom. This allows excess water to drain efficiently.                                                                    

What is the Best Food for Space Candy Plants?

Space Candy plants need the best organic plant food during the growing phase. Food with high nitrogen content will help grow the stems, leaves, and branches. Nitrogen also prepares the plants to grow larger buds during the flowering phase.

When Space Candy plants are in the flowering stage, these need nutrients with only minimal nitrogen content but higher potassium and phosphorous content. Phosphorous and potassium will help grow larger buds and increase yields.

Training your plants

Using low-stress techniques will prevent females from turning into hermaphrodites during the final days of the growing period.  Using the screen of green method is a great way to improve yields. The screen of green is growing marijuana plants through a screen.

The screen keeps the leaves and stems from moving through the screen. Only the buds are permitted to grow through. The SOG method encourages more buds to develop by letting light spread equally on top of the canopy.    

Watering your plants

Space Candy plants need water daily. Check the pH of your water source to find out if it will work well with your plants. Higher pH or lower pH of water can affect the way minerals are absorbed by the roots.  So be sure that water is at 6.6 pH for the best pH level that won’t affect the health of the plant’s roots.

Water only when the soil is dry and not only when soil is wet or moist. This prevents overwatering and causing mold to develop on the roots. After you water your plants, check if there is water that remains on the soil next to the plant. If you spot water, let this dry before you water your plants again.

As much as possible, water more when the weather is dry or hot. Use a blower to dry up the soil faster especially when you grow indoors.   

Protect your buds from molds and pests

Pests like spider mites, caterpillars and grasshoppers can devour your plants and buds in an instant. Molds can also grow inside the buds and can render these useless in a night.

To protect your plants from pests, stay diligent and inspect the underside of plants daily to look for pests. Keep the surrounding area clean and neat to avoid pests.

Molds may be avoided by maintaining low air pressure or humidity levels in your growing area. Open doors or windows, use a dehumidifier or fans to remove stale air and lower humidity levels. Use a digital hygrometer to easily monitor humidity and to correct this immediately as well.

Use the right kind of lighting

Although there are new and user-friendly lighting solutions to grow cannabis, the best still has to be LED lighting. These lamps are available everywhere, power –efficient, bright and will never burn your plants. LED lamps are perfect for Space Candy strain as well as other strains in the market.

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