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Canuk Seeds is one of the young competitors playing in Canadian Marijuana Industry and continues to amaze people from different provinces of Canada, even in the United Kingdom. Sources claim that this group originated from Great Northern Canada, with its office based in Ontario.

Claiming this as new and a black horse in the bigger picture, their seeds are of great quality and similar to other companies existing in the United Kingdom. With this similarity, their group received bad feedbacks and reviews are going sweet and neutral to bitter and sour.

What makes Canuk great from the other companies? Let’s take a closer look.

Knowing Canuk

Founded in 2015, Canuk Seeds is a subsidiary under the group of True North Seed Banks. This company is now owned by a British entrepreneur and the company’s brand derived from the names of the countries where it primarily does business with, Canada and UK (CAN-UK).

Because of its young age, this company is creating their mark to the public with their 40 strains all hailing from the United Kingdom and Canada’s native lands. Moreover, this company aims to deliver quality seeds to these countries and in the long run- to the rest of the world.

Just like the other Seed Banks, they have Auto Flowering Seeds, Feminized Seeds and Regular Seeds available in the Market, through their website.

Their Specialty

Canuk Seeds, unlike the other companies, has developed its own line of Marijuana Strains which are DNA certified such as Citrus Skunk, Coco Melon, Gold Rush, Kingpin 18 and Obi-wan Kush Seeds. All of these are organically feminized and top-of-the-line strains from the Canuks.

Rushing their Deliveries

A good thing with the Canuk Seeds is that they have all of their estimation dates of delivery posted on their website. It is a nice sign of their transparency and commitment for the truthfulness in their work, unlike any other sketchy Cannabis shops that target different users, persuade and scam them in the end.

The Canuk Seed Bank is excellent too in terms of communications and Order Tracking. Their deliveries are keenly tracked through Canada Post and a 24/7 Customer Service Center is active even when storms hit Canada.

Lastly, they offer comprehensive help, just like what users can read on their website for Delivery Guidelines. This thing lacks usually with the other companies, making them a step ahead against their competitors.

Positive Views, Positive Reviews

Since this company is relatively young and invigorating, people around the Canadian Provinces have been curious to try to test the abilities of what can this company do to make their room in the midst of competitions. They may not know well with the overall transactions with the industry they compete in, but this company has surprisingly met the standards and demands of the people.

Canuk began to gain positive reviews especially about their strains which are DNA Certified. They even begin to attract myriads of customers in the United States, eventually to the rest of the world.

Apart from the quality seeds they produce, they are also praised for the demonstrative and hands-on Customer Service that they reach to the users who call them for help and inquiries. Surely, this Seed Bank will rise to a better place when the composure and creative actions are all maintained throughout the years.

Negative Comments, Violent Reactions

The users’ comments are not violent at all but their comments are of sweet pain for this company. Reviews show that their strain is as not as satisfying as the other shops. Some raised their concern for the fewer number of seeds sold to them with silver pouches.

Some raised their concerns with the yield that they can get from the plants because their seeds’ quality is not as high as the other prominent companies in the United Kingdom and in Canada. Others say that this company is just a rip off from the bigger groups- broke away and created their own shop, for the sake of deceiving people and stealing away.

Ultimately, there are delays with their shopped products in terms of delivery and arrival at their homes. There are users who grow disappointed with them, making these people feel failed with what the new group has given to them in return of buying their products.

Make Your Own Review

The Canuk Seeds is one of the newest and most active beginners in the Cannabis Industry, catering the targeted audience in Canada and the United Kingdom. Currently owned by a British Entrepreneur, this group has seen a strong potential in stepping inside the arena of competition with the other bigger and more experienced Canadian and British Cannabis companies.

In the end, people will not know their service excellence and quality, unless they try it on their own. See for themselves and check on their own, how does it feel to serve with the new and great Canuk Seeds.

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