kimbo kush strain

Kimbo Kush Strain is named after the  Kimbo Slice, is a delicious indica-dominant hybrid with a descent that is stunning and fruity. A crossbreed between Starfighter and  Blackberry Kush, this powerful parentage gives a large than standard Kush experience, partially near to a full-body buzz with every rush. Starfighter gives Kimbo with a touch of brightness and citrus that light up the reflective elements of its Kush genetics. 

Kimbo Kush Strain Overview

Kimbo Kush is a strong indica-leaning hybrid that gives the users with its relaxing physical high and fruity taste. It’s known to be a spacey painkiller and strong for marijuana beginner and expert alike. The Marijuana testing laboratory Analytical 360 had established flowers of Kimbo Kush that have 15.5% and 27% THC content.

Kimbo Kush Strain has huge, bulky buds that hold a loose and fluffy bud form for an indica-dominant strain. The leaves are mostly a pale spring green; some phenotypes show color purple. This final color comes out about during the growing process when uncommonly cold weather restoring pigments in the plant — the process is alike to the leaves changes color in autumn. 

These aesthetic colors of flowers are thickly covered in trichomes, giving the healed buds a cold sheen and creating them very sticky to the touch. Fruity notes and Deep of berry and citrus cover-up from the flowers. There is also a mark of dank earth, respectively of descent strain of OG Kush. When combusted, the Kimbo Kush has a great smoke for an indica that savor sour at first but brings a fruity flavor when breath in. This particularly strong strain has a remaining low, and smokers who are looking to maintain care should take some insurance.

Potential growers can also try and get clippings to grow as the “clones,” though this seems to be a hard strain to acquire. Kimbo Kush can be cultivated outdoors in climates with stable daytime temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It will be more successful when grown indoors,  where growers can thoroughly control humidity and temperature As usual of indica varieties, this strain’s plants have grown bushy and squat, with strong lateral branches and broad leaves. 

Cultivators should make sure to trim any that is blocking the light to the leaves in order to let the light and air reach the bottom flowering nodes. Growers watching to add their crop’s bag appeal should reveal this strain’s fine purple accents by unnatural “shocking” the plants, revealing them to cold temperatures just before the flowering stage begins. Lastly, Kimbo Kush is as strong during the growing stage as it’s being smoked, so growers try keeping their grow operations lowkey should install smell control measures like exhaust fans.

 Effect Of Kimbo Kush Strain

Kimbo Kush Strain takes several minutes before taking over the users with its relaxation feelings. The users may feel very heavy in their heads and body, making them just to seat down. Facing the sluggishness follows: users may be feeling perfectly contented to just stay put to watching TV or listening. However, there may be hallucinating effects like turn up sounds or time large, Kimbo Kush first acts on the body, making the mind pleasantly misty. 

Kimbo Kush is almost narcotic effects that can use recreational or have a medical purpose. These strain have the effect of dull pains and chronic aches and to blunt the acute symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD. In big doses, it can even be a rapid fix for insomnia. Kimbo Kush is great when using at night or before sleep. Those who use during the day have plans to sit away a few unproductive hours. It is known to be a potent strain, even for expert smokers; it takes a few minutes for any users to feel the high effect.

With a strong, enduring high and compound taste, the Kimbo Kush is the perfect option for a mini-reunion with familiar friends and some smooth alone time. This has a high THC content that can give a knockout calming punch.

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