Is it Illegal for Non UK Residents to Buy Cannabis Seeds in the UK

There are a lot of questions about the legality of cannabis in every shape and form when you are in the United Kingdom. For those who wish to buy cannabis seeds UK, although it is legal to do so, there are certain conditions that you have to keep in mind when you do. An awareness of the conditions is a must as these are the concerns associated with buying cannabis seeds for cultivation and collecting.

Current laws on buying cannabis seeds in the UK

While it is illegal for you to germinate, cultivate, and possess cannabis in the United Kingdom, the weird thing is that it is not illegal to buy seeds. You can even purchase them over the counter in some of the leading UK shops. For you to be able to buy them online or by mail order, it’s either you have a UK address or you make sure that the country that the seeds are being sent to has no legal restrictions about cannabis.

However, the biggest issue here is that it is not legal to germinate, grow, or use marijuana within the UK. This is the line that you shouldn’t cross unless you want to get up to five years imprisonment and/or fines (that can be unlimited). If you happen to be caught doing these things, you can get off with a Cannabis Warning by the police or a Fixed Penalty for Disorder of £90 if you are a second time offender.

Although the maximum level of sentences is rarely given out, you can still get some jail time if you are a repeat offender. Whether it is your first time or not, however, your name will be entered into the Police National Computer (PNC) indefinitely even if your being caught doesn’t count as a criminal offense.

Things you should know about buying and possessing cannabis seeds

There are various reasons as to why cannabis seeds are readily available to people in the UK. A few of these reasons are for fishing, bird food, and as collector’s items. You can easily buy cannabis seeds UK that you need through any authorized shop even over the counter. But remember that buying, using, and possessing marijuana at any other form is not allowed.

The circumstances on which you are caught with the possession of cannabis seeds can be a factor on whether or not you will get in trouble. If you are caught with the seeds as well as other forms of marijuana like the plants or buds, you can be viewed as intending to cultivate them on the down-low and can be ultimately in more trouble. But if you are seen with the seeds in any other case, you are good to go.

Start a Seed Collection

Marijuana seeds contain no THC but in some countries, it is still considered as illegal as it is part of the marijuana plant. Yet, it is legal in the UK to buy cannabis seeds. It is possible to own seeds for a collection and as novelty items to own a seed collection.

Know the Border Limits

Different rules apply per country. Though the use of marijuana seeds for cultivation in the UK is not legal, there are other countries that allow it. It is a question of how the seeds will be used and if it is for cultivation, there are other countries such as Canada that does have quality cannabis seeds for sale. In places like Canada, it is legal to cultivate marijuana plants when the conditions are followed.

Anyone can buy cannabis seeds UK. It is possible to use these seeds for the purpose of bird feed and more. Yet, consider that it might not be a good idea to do so as there are complications when it comes to how the seeds can be used as medical marijuana.

Buy for the Purpose of Use

Be it for collecting, as a novelty, for bird feed, or for cultivation, marijuana seeds can be bought in the UK and other countries. When it comes down to purchasing seeds, there is no need to go about these matters in a roundabout manner. There are reliable marijuana online seed banks that will supply the seeds and send it internationally without headaches.

Buying seeds from Canada might be a better option as it is legal to buy from a seed bank, a marijuana shop or a medical marijuana dispensary. If the interested is mainly for purchasing seeds, it is best to buy from a seed bank. One of the most popular seed banks in the world can ship cannabis seeds internationally. If you want to own a seed collection, UK is a good option. If you want to cultivate the seeds and grow them legally, it is a good idea to explore the option to buy marijuana seeds from Canada.

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