Is it Cheaper to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

There are many ways to buy marijuana seeds. You can purchase these from local seed banks and breeders or you can buy marijuana seeds online. Growers and breeders have different opinions on where to purchase seeds but most agree that it is cheaper to purchase seeds online. Why is it so?

Buy marijuana seeds online or buy from local seedbanks?

You have a choice; you can buy cannabis seeds from an online seed bank or from a local seed bank. Whatever you want to do, remember the following factors that can affect the overall price of weed. Keep a close watch of the following before you place your order.


How much does cannabis seeds cost from one online seed bank or from one local seed bank to another? Make sure to compare these prices before you make your choice. Compare the piece of three or more seedbanks. Check the price of regular seeds, autoflowering seeds, and feminized seeds. You might find seeds coming from different countries more expensive than others.


Seed quality counts so make sure to purchase only from reliable and quality seedbanks. It’s mostly hard to find out if a seed bank provides quality seeds unless you place your order. You can order only a few seeds just to test quality. Once these seeds arrive, test the quality by looking at the physical appearance, the texture, the weight and the color of the seeds.

Determine the quality of your seeds by taking a closer look at its physical appearance. Viable seeds will have a dark color which may be black, brown or dark brown. Do not germinate seeds which are colored green, yellow or white. These seeds are immature and thus will never germinate or sprout.

Another test is to hold a seed in between your fingers and squeeze or compress it. The seed must be firm and resilient to pressure. If the seed feels soft and starts to give way, throw away the seeds because these seeds are immature and will never grow at all.

Cannabis seeds should have a round and firm shape. This must also be shiny and should be round with a slight taper at one end. Take the seeds in between your fingers and feel for imperfections. Check the surface for any grooves, holes, cracks and any peeling of the seed coats. Any imperfections could be a sign that the seed will not germinate or sprout even if this is left in a germination medium.

Another way to tell if a seed is of high quality is to use the glass of water technique. This will find out if a seed is viable or not. Place the seeds in and let the seeds settle for a short while. Seeds that have sunk are viable and these have viable insides and will germinate when placed in a growing medium. Those that float does not have any viable insides and will never sprout no matter what you do.

The best cannabis seeds are seeds which are fresh and should be at least newly harvested. It is still better to grow fresh seeds rather than old seeds. Cannabis seeds that are placed in a container can last for a decade and will still be viable. Old seeds will sprout, but it may take a long time for these to do so.


Most cannabis seeds are sold in their breeder’s packaging with a specific number of seeds inside. You may have packaging with five, ten or more seeds. However, you may find seedbanks that sell seeds out of the packaging, especially for bulk seeds.

Buying seeds by bulk is another way to save money. Most of the time, these seeds are offered for a better or cheaper price compared to seeds stored a piece. To get the best price for a number of seeds, choose your seedbanks well. Compare at least three or more seedbanks. Don’t forget that some seedbanks also offer discounts and deals depending on the number of seeds you order. Taking advantage of these offers will give you good value for your money.

Promos and discounts

There are a lot of seedbanks that offer special promos and discounts to customers. Just some of the most common discounts and deals offered are free seeds for every purchase, free deliveries, free shipment, free feminized seeds for every regular purchase, etc. You will come across different promo codes. Check these codes out before using them. Find out more about the rules about using the code, expiry of the code and where to use the promo code. Most seed banks sites ask for codes before you check your purchases out. All these will give you a better deal for your money.

Variety of cannabis seeds strains available

You can find a large variety of seeds or cannabis seeds strains online and this lets you order seeds effortlessly anywhere. You will save a lot of money from doing so. There is no need to travel to different places to purchase seeds and there is no need to waste money too.

If you are looking for top strains too like top CBD strains, high THC strains or landrace strains then you will be better off buying these online. You don’t need to spend money, time and effort to buy these seeds from remote places or countries.


If you live nearby then it won’t be too costly to have seeds delivered to you but the cost increases when you live remotely. You may find it very expensive to have cannabis seeds delivered if you live in another country or in another region. And usually, if you want to have your seeds special delivered to your location, you need to spend so much on courier services or shipment.

The secret is to find seedbanks that offer free deliveries. Mostly seedbanks offer free deliveries for customers found in their area while some seedbanks may offer free shipment to customers who purchase a certain amount or price of seeds.


You must make sure that the cannabis seed bank you chose will accept the payment method you want to use. Most popular and reliable seedbanks will accept credit card payments but most will also accept bank transfers, bank payments, cash on delivery options, debit card payments and others. There are also some cannabis seeds sites that accept cryptocurrency transactions. Bitcoin is widely accepted online but is not too popular for people who don’t go online. You may have Bitcoin but not all cannabis sites accept this mode of payment.

Buy cannabis seeds only from the best quality online seedbanks

Indeed buying cannabis seeds online is very convenient but it may not be the best for everyone. Find out if online shopping is for you by checking out the pros and cons of buying cannabis seeds online.


  • You can choose from a wide variety of cannabis seed strains

When you order online, you can purchase a wide variety of cannabis strains. Most growers and breeders sell their products from their online sites or from online seedbanks so you will be able to choose from a wide variety of seeds. You can buy seeds from different seedbanks from different regions in the world. You will be able to purchase seeds that you only need and if you want to buy more, you can buy seeds in bulk.

  • You will get to know a large number of breeders and growers

Online seedbanks will let you meet a large number of growers and breeders where you can order your seeds from. You can order seeds anywhere especially from international breeders in California, Spain, Hawaii, the Middle East, Asia and more.

  • You will be able to grow new strains from around the world

When you order cannabis seeds online, you will be able to buy all kinds of strains around the world. You will be able to grow all kinds of strains to improve your skills and your talents as a grower. Growing all kinds of strains from different regions around the world could also be your chance to become a breeder someday. You can cultivate new strains to provide you more yield, strains that will be easier to grow, plants that are resistant to diseases and molds and so many more amazing characteristics.


  • Some seedbanks are simply out there to con inexperienced growers

Ordering online makes you prone to dealing with online seedbanks that are just out there to scam people. These seedbanks love people who are new to growing cannabis because these growers are more eager to buy seeds. These scam sites will be out there to get your money and personal information. So always shops smart and transact only with legit cannabis sites.

  • You need to provide your sensitive information

Before you start shopping for seeds, you must sign up and this means you must provide sensitive personal information to the company. You might have to reveal your location, your identity and financial or credit information to pay for your purchases. You won’t have to deal with this when you purchase your seeds from a local seed bank shop.

  • You need to pay using sensitive payment information

There are a number of payment methods to pay for your purchases online. According to most online consumers of cannabis seeds, credit card payments are more accepted. But paying using your credit card is also risky. To avoid this, make sure that you are buying cannabis seeds only from legit and safe seedbanks online.

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