Is Buying Weed Seeds Online Any Good?

The internet made it convenient for breeders to procure cannabis seeds for their garden. You do not need to drive miles away from home just to order your seeds. With just a few clicks, you can have your seed delivered right to your front door.

You might be asking if there is an exchange for this convenience when you buy weed seeds online. Is it better to order from a website than going to your local dispensary? Let us answer this question by comparing physical dispensaries to online ones.

Advantages of an online dispensary

One of the main reason why people buy weed seeds online is convenience. An online dispensary’s catalog or open to you on your front screen. All it takes is to create your account, present an ID as proof of age, and enter your payment details to have seeds for your favorite strain delivered to your home. You do not have to go through bumper-to-bumper traffic or take a chunk of your time to visit a shop.

Convenience is not the only reason why people choose to go through the online route to buy seeds. Dispensary sites have a bigger selection of strains than physical stores because they have the warehouse space to place large volumes of seeds. Meanwhile, many physical stores are limited to the storeroom and cabinet of their establishment. This is why many local dispensaries only carry regular seeds.

Because online dispensaries have a large range of seeds, you have a very good chance of finding ones for uncommon strains. This includes Dr. Grinspoon strains, which are only available as seeds. Another is Black Beauty that carries THC-V cannabinoids, which induce a strong sedative effect than many indica strains. Apart from rare strains, you can also find feminized and autoflowering varieties on dispensary sites.

The third reason why breeders turn to online dispensaries is their low prices for cannabis seeds. Physical stores have to cover the overhead in maintaining their storefront and their staff’s salaries. Because of the costs, brick-and-mortar stores cannot afford to be flexible on the price of their seed.

On the other hand, online dispensaries can afford to be lenient with the price of their seeds because they do not have a physical storefront. Without the monthly expenses of running a brick-and-mortar establishment, seeds from digital stores often cost less. In addition, dispensary sites can provide discounts and freebies for any purchase from their stores. This also includes free shipping, which makes it appealing to buy weed seeds online to most people.

Privacy is another reason to pick online dispensaries over physical stores. Some people do not want to get a questioning look from bystanders when entering a local dispensary. Others might be worried that a co-worker or relative might see them buying cannabis seeds.

Online dispensaries allow you to purchase your seeds without any worry of anyone finding out. Most of the licensed shops will even deliver your order in a discreet package. This package looks like an ordinary box or bag that does not show others what you ordered. Many discreet packages can also keep the odor of the seeds within the bag.

Advantages of local dispensaries

Despite the advantages of buying seeds online, some still choose to visit a physical dispensary to buy their seeds. One of the reasons why storefronts are appealing than digital ones is the ability to examine the seeds with your own eyes. You can scrutinize the color of the seeds and its firmness to determine its quality while you are in the store. This lets you know that you are buying healthy seeds that are sure to germinate and grow into a harvest ready plant.

Examining the seeds is not possible when it comes to buying them online. You have to rely on the dispensary’s reputation that your order composes of healthy seeds. This is not a problem if you are buying from a licensed distributor and not a random seller.

Another reason why people go to physical dispensaries is the chance to procure their seeds on the same day. There is a standard waiting time for your seeds to go through the mail from the warehouse to your front door. Even with overnight shipping that can deliver your order to your home the next day, it cannot beat traditional stores. You get your seeds from a local dispensary as soon as you finish a transaction.

What also makes certain physical stores appealing to many people is the clean atmosphere.  Many local dispensaries set their storefront to mimic a pharmacy or even a modern electronic store. Some will even have a staff transact with you in private if you want a more discreet transaction. The store aesthetic and services give you a sense of professionalism that many potheads want in their buying experience.

Budtenders at local dispensaries can also improve your buying experience. They can give you a basic grasp on the characteristic of a strain’s plant and other essential details when it comes to taking care of them.

This advantage comes down to your preferences. All of the information you need is readily available on an online dispensary’s listing as well as other directory sites that are just a click away. It is rare to find a store staff who knows everything about a specific strain.

On the other hand, budtenders can answer your questions with answers that anyone can understand. They are much more informative to new breeders than a web page. In addition, you may encounter veteran cultivators in a local store who can impart their experience to you.

Target customers of online and physical stores

To answer the question of whether buying cannabis seeds online is for you or not will depend on your lifestyle as well as preferences. Based on the benefits, purchasing from dispensary sites are great if you have limited free time. This is understandable if you have a full-time job and you can spare your free time to your family or relatives. Many breeders do not want or cannot afford to spend a large part of their day just to go to a local store.

Online dispensaries are also suitable for people looking to spend less on buying seeds. You can save money from the competitive prices of seeds online and through a site’s promotions. With free shipping, you spend even less with ordering seeds online.

On the other hand, physical stores are great for people who want assurance of obtaining quality seeds. You can only judge the color and texture of the seeds with your own eyes in a brick-and-mortar dispensary.

You can only determine the quality of your seeds from an online dispensary after you receive the order. If you happen to get some bad seeds, some stores are willing to give you a refund or exchange your seeds for better ones. However, the process of returning bad seeds takes a considerable amount of time. Some might be unfortunate enough to order from a dispensary that does not have a return policy.

Buying seeds from a physical store is a good way to connect with the local cannabis community. This is a major benefit if you are looking for experts in growing cannabis plants in your area. They can tell you where to get grow room equipment at better prices. Local breeders can also tell you what kind of seeds are suitable for the local climate.


In the end, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to buying weed seeds online. If you want to save time and money, online dispensaries are for you.  Otherwise, purchasing from a local store lets you discern which seeds are healthy and be able to take home your order on the same day.

Regardless of whether you choose to buy from an online or local dispensary, it is important to pick a licensed distributor. These sellers guarantee that the seed producers they buy their products from following government-regulated practices.

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