indoor mix seeds

Multiplicity is the flavor of life and that’ because this mix of excellent Indica varieties is one of Sensi’s most well-liked selections. Unconquerable cost is any more fine cause. Indoor Mix gives growers and collection of the top quality cannabis seeds at the minimum likely price. 

The 25 seeds in every pack are an unsystematic combination in use from the 20 mostly-Indica varieties on Sensi’s internal and hothouse data.
Supposed to have plenty of high-powered Skunks and Afghanis. Don’t be astonished if you get a little of Sensi’s prized super-Indicas in the mix! The Indica strains integrated into Indoor Combination can be developed and flowered together with no risk. All will get height and excellence during flowering at a comparable rate.

Note: Sativa-heavy strains are for all time in high demand. The release bud making of their tropical parent-plants generally yields multiple numbers of seeds than Indica and Skunk strains.

Each Sativa hybrid in Sensi Seeds’ Indoor collection has been given one or new First Prizes in cannabis contests. So it’s rare that there are every ‘spare’ Sativa crops to put into the Indoor Combination. However, such things are possible! A few lucky producers can find a plant or two from our brilliant Jamaican or Thai lines or even from the Jack and Haze relative trees. 

Bonus Sativa ladies must be simple to spot in vegetation and will situate out sharply in flowering. More effort is required to provide somewhere to stay or spread them. It will be little in contrast to the more collect of heavenly hot flowers. Their inspiring cerebral Sativa high makes a just-right counterpoint to the soft, sweet, strong body-stone of the Indica greater part. 


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