Genetics Indica (85%) / Sativa (15%)
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 300-400g / m2
Height 2 m / 6 ft
Flowering Time 8 weeks
Effect Stoney
THC Level 20-21%
Growing Easy to Moderate


PapayaThe lineage of this strain is an unknown hybrid as well as an Afghani cannabis strain, resulting to the obvious Indica characteristics. It is popular among strain cross breeders and cloners. Papaya got its name because of its sweet fruity scent and taste with a slight hint of spice. As this plant matures, the sweet flavor turns into whiskey which is perfect for pipe tobaccos.

Overall Appearance, Growth and Effects

Papaya is a short plant with delicate, thin branches. As it grows more mature, it doubles in size, but still very low, generally below 2 meters or 6 feet. Flowers form fast, until you can see the spongy buds clustering together to form a nipple at the edges. It can yield between 300 – 400 g per square meter. While it is generally grown both in indoor and outdoor environments, growing systems such as hydroponics can even result to a 25% or more yield. Among the common effects of using this strain are glazed eyes and couch lock moments. Thus, it is perfect to be used at home, while getting extremely absorbed with a very interesting movie, or your favorite music collection. The buzz coming from this strain is lethargic, relaxing, and even to the point of being narcotic.

Medical and Other Benefits

Because of its strength and long lasting effect, it is perfect as a medicinal marijuana strain. For people who experiences sleeping disorder, this strain can become an extremely wonderful sedative medication when used at night time. Also, this is perfect for people who are under extreme stress and anxiety. With its THC content level, it is good to expect a very relaxing high which can make a very tense person relax and just enjoy the time as this wonder strain takes over the rest of the body and mind. It is also good for relieving pain, as well as treating other medical conditions such as glaucoma, and chemotherapy. While the name of this strain sounds so innocent, the effects are exactly the opposite. When the kick hits you, you will instantly feel an incredible and intense high that can give you a very satisfying feeling that relaxes your body.

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