Lemon Kush


Genetics Mostly Indica
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 400-500 g/m²
Height 50-120 cm
Flowering Time  55-65 days (8-9 weeks); 65-85 days (9-13 weeks)
Effect Happy, euphoric feeling
THC Level 17%
Growing Easy


Lemon KushThe photoperiod feminized Lemon Kush auto is a mostly Indica pure strain discovered among Hindu Kush stashes. It’s also known as Chitral Kush and is a Pakistan and Afghanistan Hindu Kush mountain range product. Like many other marijuana strains bearing the Lemon name, the Lemon Kush has a distinct herbal lemon taste and scene that’s intense yet refreshing, as though you’re breathing in an air freshener or fresh produce at the grocery. Feminized seeds of the Lemon Kush variety are characterized by compact, tight trichomes that are hard, dense, and heavy. Expect this Mary Jane variant to give you potent body stones that won’t necessarily lead to couch lock because of the contrasting head highs, so you’re left with a positive feeling and body relaxation, which is nothing short of orgasmic. It’s the Indica portion of the hybrid that’s making you feel completely chill and pain free.

However, for an Indica, it has the characteristic Sativa impact on your brain, making it happier, more euphoric, and maybe even more creative, so if you want to get your creative juices flowing while at the same time not getting yourself too worked up or overstimulated, then the fragrant Lemon Kush is the Kush for you. Its best-of-both-worlds combination of heady Sativa highs and painkilling Indica stones has made it a favorite prescription in the medical community as well as highly regarded product among medicinal connoisseurs. “Mostly Indica with Sativa Highs” is the best way to describe the Lemon Kush. “Aromatic” comes a close second, though. This medicinal favorite is connoisseur-quality hash is also a gift that keeps on giving, because all of the abovementioned benefits don’t even begin to showcase what the strain has to offer.

More to the point, it only takes 8-9 weeks or 55-65 days for it to bloom in ideal conditions. However, there are certain sites that claim that it’s best to wait for it to gestate and grow within 9-13 weeks or 65-85 days for optimum Lemon Kush benefits. Try out either setup; don’t be afraid to experiment! The hybrid can be grown indoors, outdoors, and inside greenhouses if you wish. At its peak condition, you can acquire the generous yield (400-500 g/m²) of snow-white nugs full oif resin that you can smoke or share among friends almost immediately. Roll it up to a joint or get a bong. It’s a mentally stimulating and bodily relaxing party all the same. Just don’t forget to buy only authentic beans for Lemon Kush, particularly the ones with distinctly hot and exotic flavors that really stick to you right to the bone.

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