Lemon Haze


Genetics Mostly Indica
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 400-500 g/m² (Lemon Haze); Up to 700 g/m² (Super Lemon Haze)
Height 80-90 cm
Flowering Time  60-65 days (Lemon Haze); 65-70 days (Super Lemon Haze)
Effect Happy, euphoric feeling (Lemon Haze); balanced cerebral and physical high (Super Lemon Haze)
THC Level 15-20% (Lemon Haze); 23% (Super Lemon Haze)
Growing Easy


Lemon HazeThere are two variants of the Lemon Haze. There’s the “regular” Lemon Haze and there’s the Super Lemon Haze. Lemon Haze without the “Super” superlative attached to is a mostly Indica strain that has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks or 60-65 days. It’s named Lemon Haze because it has a unique-to-the-Lemon-family ability to have a citrusy, herbal lemon flavor and scent, like you’re huffing lemon peels and whatnot. It’s further characterized by small, hard nugs plus a little stretch towards the end. In terms of highs, it gives you equal parts highs and stones, and an all-around buzz to boot. It’s one of those Indica crossbreeds with a definite Sativa psychoactive impact to it, meaning it will give you a happy and relaxed feeling. It’s stimulating in the sense that it gives you a positive, “I can do anything” feeling, but its stimulating effects are limited to that.

Indeed, Lemon Kush is the marijuana to smoke if you want to be left euphoric yet chill, like a confident man on a dopamine rush with its potent 15-20% THC level. It’s what made it a favorite among the medical community as a non-depressant relaxing drug since the Early Nineties. The yield is average to good at 400-500 g/m² and you can expect white buds with high resin content. As for the Super Lemon Haze, it’s actually a Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze crossbreed strain that has a longer flowering time than its non-super counterpart at 9-10 weeks or 65-70 days. However, the extra time means extra yield, which can reach up to 700 g/m² in ideal conditions, particularly when grown outdoors. Regardless, it has strong Sativa wildflower characteristics like Lemon Haze, but even more so.

They also share the fact that they’re both mostly Indica, have high THC potency levels, and possess roughly the same height range as well as (of course) that lemony taste and smell (but this time with a bit of a musky haze after taste). However, thanks to the higher THC of 23%, there’s a slightly different effect when smoking Lemon Haze. Because of its Super Silver Haze parentage and different composition, Super Lemon Haze has a more balanced Indica and Sativa high, meaning you can get mind-altering positive impact along with body relaxation all in one package. You’re happier and chiller than before, which really does make Super Lemon Haze the “super” version of Lemon Haze with an extra Indica touch. It’s no wonder that the Super Lemon Haze that has won multiple awards, such as the 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup.

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