Genetics 50 % Indica/ 50% Sativa
Climate Indoors
Yield Medium 400 – 700 g/m2
Height Medium to high
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Effect Heavily stoned
THC Level 15-20%
Growing Medium


IceA peculiar combination of four strains – Afghan, Northern Light, Shiva and Special Skunk – this strain provides the best output of buds with a moderately high bud. Due to it being in the middle of two strains – the indica and the sativa, it provides a better alternative in smoking for those who want a fair share of each plant type. The Skunk strain in the plant gives it a high yield while the Ganja strain in its genes gives off the quality buzz and flavor. The plant looks well rounded with few branches and many floral clusters signifying high flowering capabilities.

The plant has large amount of trichomes that cover the flowers giving a unique white feature which is akin to ice covered plants. The name was also derived from that feature. The buds are dense and are pungent. The right mixes of the cultivars makes this plant a connoisseur plant and a prized strain for those who put weight on the yield, looks and flavor. Great for growing indoors, this plant can be produced even with a hydroponic process. It flowers easily and grows rapidly. However, in contrast to its name, it does not like cold weather and prefers a warm, humid and fresh environment to grow.

Ice has the distinct lemony, sweet citrus flavor. The smell is clean and fresh. When ground up, it produces a better smell with a hint of fruity scent. However, some varieties give off a fuel like scent. The taste is slightly off the hook as it gives a mild, yet tingling effect when smoked.

The strain is mainly used to help treat anxiety, PTSD, anorexia, migraines and spinal cord problems. The effect is heavy and can leave you a lazy daze which can last for hours. The couch lock effect is prominent which is why users of this strain should avoid using it when they have to do finish something and in a rush. Although heavy, it is pleasing and can induce an instant upper social high that is enough to make this a night time smoke. The Ice strain is an interesting strain which can easily grow indoors so you should place your order now to avoid delays in the delivery. Helpful in treating depression and eating disorders, reserving an order online can make you worry less of getting it. The earlier, the better and quality strains is just an order away.

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