Genetics 70 % Indica/ 30% Sativa
Climate Indoors
Yield High 500 – 800 g/m2
Height Medium
Flowering Time 63 days
Effect Euphoric
THC Level 15-17%
Growing Easy


HeadbandThis strain is a hybrid mix of Sour Diesel and OG Kush with a hint of Master Kush. It is primarily listed as sativa, but its lineage can be well traced as an Indica dominant strain. This strain is branded as a heavy variation of the strain, as the effect feels like one is wearing a headband around their head attributing to the Sour Diesel lineage. The strong body buzz is attributed to its OG Kush genes and stirs you off into a light feeling on the body. This Grade A bud comes pretty good after smoking.

The bud looks green, but much darker with lots of hairs that stick out making it a bushy type of bud. The trichomes are heavily covered and the color is akin to dark forest. Although the smell is disappointing, it still hits the right spot when smoking. The taste is similar to sweet and sour lemon candy with a sweet lemon aftertaste. With its effect which lasts for more one and a half an hour, it is effectively being used in the field of medicine. It is widely used as treatments for ADHD, Bipolar disorder and help lower down stress and depression.

Indicas are widely known for its strong sweet sour odor which is why Headband smells earthy with a hint of lemon and pine. This strain is relaxing and is often described as having a tight headband around the head. Sativa provide a more uplifting sensation which is not quite prominent with this strain as the body tends to get into couch lock when taken more than moderate. The effect is immediate, euphoric and makes you want to stare into space often spacing out and then giving you a hard pull which snaps you back to reality. If the strain happens to contain more sativa than indicas, it can be heavy on the head and energizes you without losing its ability to make you feel relaxed.

Smoking this strain needs your undivided attention and smoking this at nighttime is the best option. Smoking daytime is also possible, but you need to maintain low inhales to avoid slurred speech and motor inefficiency. If you need a direct and fast hit with this strain, order them now for a full advanced reservation which can help you save money and time. High quality strains are just a dial away so better get one now before it is too late.

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