Increasing Marijuana

Tips in Increasing Marijuana Yield

Maximum yields in growing Cannabis can be difficult to achieve even with experienced hands. Growers always look for ways in achieving high yields with low flowering time. This search for new ways can be very frustrating at times. However with the use of modern science, there have been established easy ways in achieving higher yields.

 Choose High Yielding Strain Weeds

Genetics plays huge impact in the growth and yield of marijuana plants. Always be smart of choosing the right strains with satisfying yields. Some strains could only have yield of 75 grams per plant while most high yielding plants reach 550 grams. Knowing the differences between the two can help you save time, effort, and money.

 Practice Pruning to Increase Shoot Development

This method of increasing pot yield involves cutting the top most shoot of the plant that guides the upward growth. This portion of the plant develops hormones called auxin’s which inhibit the growth of other shoots below it. Upon removing this part, decrease auxin level is achieved causing shoots to grow intensively.

 Increase Exposure to Light

It is general rule in cannabis growing that providing more light would result to higher yields. Enough light must be supplied to the plant during its vegetative stage. During this stage, plant vigorously increases in height and size. Improper light exposure results the body to grow in the direction of the light making the plants concentrated on a certain region competing for light source. During the flowering stage, higher light intensity will drive the plant in producing more buds so find ways in increasing the amount of light that reaches the bud sites.

 Apply Methods of Trellising

Trellising is not common to beginner’s knowledge and sounds complicated. However, it is simply adding a system of frame or screen that helps support growing plants. Branches of growing marijuana roll around the screen above it to gain a more rigid stand. This goes hand in hand with pruning due to the fact that new shoots grows from the cut area increasing the stress on the stems. Adding screens for support lessens the stress and allows more pruning and branching.

 Supply Right Nutrients

One major reason for low yields is having deficient nutrients. Cannabis plant needs the right amount of nutrients in order for maximum growth. Some nutrients affect the plants when insufficiently or excessively present. Therefore, knowing the right amount of nutrient supplements can maximize yield cannabis plants. Nutrient deficiency appears its first signs on the leaves in a form of yellowing strips so watch out for it.

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