How to Make Feminized Marijuana Seeds

If you are fed up with the high price of feminized cannabis seeds, then you don’t need to spend another dollar on buying seeds from seedbanks. This article will help you learn how to make feminized marijuana seeds.

You can grow your own feminized seeds even at home. Feminized seeds are indeed very expensive and usually, not all seedbanks have this type of seed. This is the main reason why you should grow your own supply of seeds. Feminized marijuana seeds are ideal for people who want to have more yields. Why is it so?

When you grow plain regular seeds you will start with growing all the seeds in a pack to determine which ones are females. And by the time your plants have grown and their genders have revealed, you will find that most of the plants you have are males and you have to discard male plants. With feminized seeds, you will never have to bother sexing your plants and this means you can grow more plants and avoid wasting your resources on plants that you don’t need.

According to Leafy, most growers use feminized cannabis seeds to successfully grow female plants. Cannabis plants that were grown using traditional breeding will produce male or female seeds. When you buy regular seeds you will be receiving a batch of seeds in a package which may have 50% males to 50% females. All-in-all, you will have about 50% chance of growing female plants.

Regular marijuana seeds vs feminized seeds

Regular cannabis seeds will leave you guessing. You won’t know what you’ll get when you make your purchase. Growing regular seeds will also be a waste of time and money. In the end, you will have to throw away male plants because you don’t really need this at all.

  • Feminized seeds will make it easier to grow cannabis in remote areas

Some people get into trouble of looking for quality cannabis seeds from their area. But no matter where they look, it seems that it’s impossible to find these seeds. Feminized cannabis seeds will make it easier to grow cannabis and will save money in the long run as well. You must remember that when the local demand is high the seed price will increase as well. Using feminized seeds is more practical to buy feminized cannabis seeds from an online seed bank than ordering your seeds.

  • Feminized seeds will be the best strain for people who live in prohibited areas

There are still areas around the world where buying cannabis is still prohibited then the best way is to buy your feminized seeds. There is no need to deal with buying, shipment, growing and consuming cannabis seeds anymore when you have your own endless supply of seeds.

  • Feminized cannabis seeds will let you save money

Feminized cannabis seeds are very expensive and if you plan to grow more and more crops then you might have to spend a small fortune in buying seeds. If this is your first time to buy feminized cannabis then you will end up spending so much money on seeds that may not germinate or will not be viable at all.

Avoid dealing with poor quality seeds, seeds that won’t germinate and dealing with seedbanks that are only after your money by buying your feminized cannabis seeds from reputable seedbanks online.

  • Feminized cannabis seeds are for first-time growers

Growing feminized cannabis is better than regular seeds because feminized cannabis won’t give you any room for errors. There is no need to spend money on growing male plants that you will never use.

This the main reason why first-time growers use feminized marijuana seeds. If you have no luck growing cannabis then feminized seeds then you might want to start with feminized cannabis seeds instead of regular seeds.

How to make feminized marijuana seeds?

Here are the things you will need to grow your own feminized cannabis at home:

  • Regular cannabis seeds
  • Growing medium like soil or hydroponics
  • Growing container; a pot or container with adequate drainage
  • Grow lights
  • Exhaust fans
  • Fertilizer
  • Water
  • Colloidal silver
  • A small brush
  • A small plastic bag


  1. Start by buying regular seeds

No matter where you purchase regular cannabis seeds from, you will still end up with a batch with 50% females and 50% males. This is a given and because of this possibility, you will have to spend time, money and effort to grow all these seeds which most you will have to discard. Buy only from reputable sellers whether you are buying online or offline.

  1. Grow regular cannabis indoors.

You now have regular cannabis seeds. The next step is to germinate your regular seeds using a time-tested technique: the paper towel technique. Place a few sheets of paper towels on a plate and wet these until these are damp. Place the seeds in between paper towels and then cover with another plate. This will take from 3 to 5 days to germinate seeds. You are allowed to peek for only once a day to check if the seeds have sprouted. Place this inside a cupboard or cabinet. After your seeds have sprouted, place these in your growing medium. If you want to grow regular seeds in soil, use soil that is conducive to growing cannabis or the ideal soil that will work with the strain that you wish to grow.

Regular cannabis strains love a sandy-clayey soil. This is because this kind of soil will hold more water and nutrients. And since this soil is porous, excess water and nutrients will be drained as well. Also, this type of soil will let oxygen to move to the roots to improve its health and development.

  1. Use the best lighting for growing regular plants.

After germinating your cannabis seeds, put these under optimum lighting that is conducive for growing cannabis plants. Growing plants indoors will let you monitor the growth of your plants. Young plants that will stay in this environment will be able to develop into stronger and healthier plants which are important for flowering.

  1. Identify the gender of your regular cannabis plants

After your plants are stronger and healthier you will now stimulate flowering to identify its gender. In regular plants, these will require 12/12 lighting to form flowers. As a breeder or grower, you want female plants with buds and to grow feminized seeds. Therefore you must learn how to find females early this time.

Females will grow small wispy white flowers on the joints of the stems. Meanwhile, you can tell that you have male plants when these have grown balls or sacs along the stems. These sacs and balls contain pollen and can burst anytime to spread pollen and pollinate females. When this happens, you will have regular plants with flowers filled with regular seeds.

Discard regular male plants because these will only need female plants to create feminized cannabis seeds. You must remove males to prevent these from pollinating females and making regular seeds.

  1. Nurture your female cannabis plants

Your plants should be well-cared for and prepared to grow flowers. You must create an indoor growing area with the right environment to grow your female plants. Give your plants the right food, water, and nutrients. You must provide this a good growing environment. When the flowers have completely developed these will be ready to make feminized seeds.

  1. Making feminized cannabis seeds

Colloidal silver has been used over the years to create feminized cannabis plants. Colloidal silver is purchased from online or offline breeder’s shops and you may also make your own. Colloidal silver is a compound that will stimulate female cannabis plants to develop male structures. When these structures mature, these will contain feminized pollen that will be able to fertilize female plants.

To use colloidal silver on your plants, spray or apply it using a small brush on the junctions of the stems of your plants. You will apply colloidal silver on the stems of female plants on a daily basis. You should drench the stems of your cannabis plants daily until these develop male parts.

  1. Growing male structures

The parts of the plants where you applied colloidal silver will soon grow male structures. You might even find structures that are open and contain pollen. This pollen will be released in the air anytime so you have to stand by. Let these structures mature to become ripe and soon this burst and give out pollen. At the first sign of cracking, this means that the balls or sacs are ready to erupt or crack.

  1. Apply pollen on cannabis flowers

You must be prepared to gather pollen by the time the cover of the balls and sacs start to crack. You can collect the pollen in a small plastic bag and use a clean and dry brush to place this on the flowers of plants. You must apply pollen on plants that have been flowering for 2 to 3 weeks.

Pollinate a different plant to improve the number of seeds produced and to develop new female plants over the course of the plant’s lifespan.

How to make feminized marijuana seeds? It takes a good understanding of the basic steps of growing cannabis and at the same time expert techniques for growing feminized marijuana seed varieties. If this is your first time to grow cannabis plants, invest in feminized seeds rather than spend time, effort and money in buying regular seeds. You will only end up growing regular plants that you will simply discard if these are male.

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