grow indica seeds

After getting a great deal of experience in using weeds, marijuana users often want something more. It is to grow their strains. The task is not an impossible thing to do. There are numerous strains that can be utilized even by novice growers. Indica seeds are one of the easiest strains to start with. There are a variety of strains that you can choose from. To get you started in your journey of becoming a successful marijuana grower, check out the need to know things when you decide to grow Indica seeds.

Here are the things you need to know when growing Indica seeds:

1. Picking the right cannabis

Cultivating Indica strains are easier compared to Sativa types of marijuana. For new growers, the initial thing that will come to mind is how long it would take before getting the first harvest. A shorter period of flowering time is expected to this particular type of marijuana category.

Novices are expected to make some mistakes. For this selection, acquiring an Indica hybrid seed is considered. Don’t try to get your hands on something that requires deep cannabis knowledge before learning the workaround in growing a marijuana plant.

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Reasons why an Indica hybrid should be the top choice

  • Resilience to nature

Compared to a purebred Indica weed, a hybrid has a stronger immune system. Most of it holds a solid resistance to molds, mildews, and pests that can be raucous to the plant. When growing your first strain, you are not expected to have all the knowledge needed to combat these annoying hindrances. It will be easier to pick a strain that has a higher resistance to diseases to avoid complications.

  • Space

Most newbies are not prepared for large-scale cultivation. What will happen is that they will settle for small spaces to start the marijuana project. Indica strains do not grow as big as a tree. Also, it is smaller than other types of marijuana. In this case, it can be nurtured indoors or even on a grow box.

  • Timeline

Not all marijuana users are aware that most purebred Indica strains can rot faster than hybrids. All the effort will go to waste if the plant will rot due to a simple mistake. Hybrids tend to have a better chance of survival compared to pure Indica strains.

2. Air and ventilation is a crucial component

If you want to acquire the sumptuous harvest an Indica strain can promise, ensure that the place where the strain located has the right amount of air and ventilation. There are other growers that utilize a technique to improve air distribution. It can be achieved by pruning leaves when the harvest time is fast approaching.

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There are certain phases that growers need to know when raising marijuana plants. Generally, the humidity of the area should be controlled at 50%. However, it can change especially at the tail end of the cultivation procedure. The last two weeks require the humidity below 40% in order to achieve the desired amount of yield.

3. Curing and Drying Process

It is true that Indica strains need a shorter time to flourish compared to a Sativa strain. It’s because there is a catch to it.  On your grow Indica seeds to be cured and dried after the harvest time. Failure to do so can cause huge problems. The airflow at the area of cultivation for indica weeds is tight. Aside from that, molds can also take advantage of the dense buds that are common for an indica type of marijuana that’s why drying it is essential.

4. No need to train

When producing cannabis, there is a process called training. However, there is no need for such a thing. Utilizing indica seeds can guarantee a short height for the plant. In this case, growers do not need to train the marijuana. The most suitable process would be super cropping to let the plant follow what the grower wants.

5. Essential Needs

Like any other plant, marijuana needs some things to survive and flourish. There is an imminent need for the right lighting to ensure the higher amount of yield produced per plant. Cannabis needs fresh air to thrive like other living things. Growers should already pan out a plan regarding the ventilation of the area if they are thinking of raising cannabis indoors.

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The nutrients that marijuana strains require are minimal during the first stages of cultivation. Expert or not, the plant should not be overwhelmed with all the sustenance. As it grows, there will be a need to add more nutrients. Watering the plant is not to be taken for granted. Unless your cannabis is a cactus, hydration is important for it to survive. As per marijuana expert super slushie farms recommendation, never forget to water the crops. Newbies with almost no experience can make this mistake. The result can be drastic as the plant can die. Some cannabis requires gallons of water to survive.


Whether you are a marijuana strains user or trying to be a grower, these tips should be a great assistance. Grow indica seeds may be highly recommended but without information partnered with passion, your cultivation project is bound to fail. Take note of these important factors as it can affect the growth of the plant from its cultivation to vegetation.  Follow this guide and be the next person to share your success story in raising your first even cannabis.