How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds with Hydrogen Peroxide

How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds with Hydrogen Peroxide 

As a cannabis grower, the first step of your journey is germinating marijuana seeds. You need to invest in good quality or healthy seeds to obtain the best results. While cannabis seeds don’t need much preparation or steps to germinate, you need to consider some important aspects to achieve your target goals. It is during the prenatal stage of seed development that you need to be extra careful. In this post, you’ll learn how to germinate cannabis seeds using hydrogen peroxide. Let’s get started!  

Things You’ll Need to Germinate Marijuana Seeds  

  • Good quality seeds 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide  
  • Glass or bowl  

What Cannabis Seeds Need to Germinate? 

Viable and healthy cannabis seeds don’t need any special handling or additive to germinate. There are various types of propagation media to germinate marijuana seeds. One of the most common methods is using a glass of water. All you need to do is to soak your seeds in a glass of water for a few days until you see tiny roots sprouting.  This technique is very helpful in hydrating seeds.  

It is important to note that you should never soak your cannabis seeds in water for more than 2 to 3 days because it will lead to rotting. If you use tap water, let it sit for a few hours so the chlorine content will evaporate. It’s time to transfer your seeds to a growing media once the radicle sprouts. At this point, many growers add hydrogen peroxide (a few drops only) to accelerate the process.  

What Is Hydrogen Peroxide? 

Hydrogen Peroxide is a colorless and sharp-smelling chemical that resembles like water. It’s a common household cleaning product and disinfectant. The typical Hydrogen Peroxide solution is 6% pure hydrogen peroxide and 94% water. It is often used to disinfect wounds, treat acne, boils, and even remove scum and algae and kill mites.  

What Is the Effect of  Hydrogen Peroxide in Plants?  

Because Hydrogen Peroxide has a water content, it is used to hydrate plants, but there’s so much more it can provide to your plants. Hydrogen Peroxide acts like rainwater. In fact, Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical found in rainwater, and plants react better as compared to tap water.  By soaking your cannabis seeds to hydrogen peroxide, it replicates the natural substance present in raindrops.  

Step-by-step Guide to Germinate Cannabis Seeds Using Hydrogen Peroxide 

  1. Grab a bowl or a glass and fill it with reverse osmosis (RO) water or distilled water at room temperature. 
  1. Add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide will accelerate the germination of your cannabis seeds. Just add 1 ml of hydrogen peroxide to every 100 ml of water.  
  1. Soak your cannabis seeds.  
  1. Place the glass in an area with complete darkness. You can put it inside an enclosed container or in a cupboard. 
  1. The entire process should only take 24 hours.  

Important Reminders When Germinating Marijuana Seeds 

  1. Don’t allow your marijuana seeds to sit in the water for more than 48 to 72 hours.  
  1. After 14 hours, you’ll notice more seeds sinking in the bottom of the glass. Once the seeds absorb the required amount of water, the germination process will start. 
  1. You can give your cannabis seeds a light tap if they’re still floating after 24 hours to see if they sink. If they’re still floating, it means that they’re not viable or bad seeds.  

Advantages of Using Hydrogen Peroxide  

  1. Hydrogen peroxide is not just good for your cannabis seeds. It is also perfect for your marijuana plants to prevent root rot, which commonly occurs in overwatered plants. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to kill fungus and bacteria if the soil is badly aerated or yo discover root rot. Just mix 3% of hydrogen peroxide in two parts of water. Pour the solution around the roots and the base of the plant carefully to kill bacteria.  
  1. You can disinfect the growing medium using hydrogen peroxide. A growing medium can be a peat mix or compost mix. Stop bacteria from infiltrating your garden using a hydrogen peroxide solution. Put the potting mix or soil into a disinfected container. Sprinkle hydrogen peroxide and let it settle for a week.  
  1. Hydrogen peroxide is also used to sanitize seeds. Commercial seeds tend to introduce bacteria to your growing garden. To prevent this from happening, soak your seeds in a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Pour it in a watertight container and leave the seeds for around 3 to 4 hours to kill off bacteria. Rinse the seeds thoroughly.  
  1. You can soak your marijuana seeds in hydrogen peroxide to accelerate germination. Unlike bleach or other chemicals, hydrogen peroxide eliminates bacteria without causing damage to the seeds.  
  1. You can boost the development of your plants with a dose of hydrogen peroxide. It is a seed booster and prevents fungal growths. Spray a hydrogen peroxide solution into the soil to help boost the roots of your plants. You can also water your cannabis plants with a hydrogen peroxide solution to introduce more oxygen into the soil. Use about two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide (35%) one gallon of water. 
  1. According to the Cannabis Industry Journal, Treat fungal infections or mold using hydrogen peroxide. It is brilliant in eliminating fungus while being kind to your marijuana plants. Once you notice the tell-tale signs of fungus mix up some hydrogen peroxide solution when you water your plant. 
  1. Hydrogen peroxide is good for soil aeration. It gives your soil enough nutrients and air spaces to get through to the roots for your plants to flourish. If the soil is too compact, nutrients and oxygen won’t get through and eventually die.  



Hydrogen peroxide accelerates the germination of marijuana seeds. It also helps kill bacteria for a healthy growth and development of seeds until they become plants. There are different techniques in germinating marijuana seeds and using hydrogen peroxide makes germination faster. It is a simple and easy step to do for your indoor or outdoor cannabis garden. Happy germinating! 


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