how to choose marijuana seeds

Choosing marijuana seeds from what you think to be the finest marijuana. Ask someone who bought it before. If you are not well-known with marijuana of specialist quality, look for help. You can learn on how to choose marijuana seeds here.

The flavor of the smoke which includes its flavor, aroma, and roughness, depends extra on how the marijuana was harvested and handled after it was developed. Rather than on the variety of environmental influences. You can see subtle differences in the generally spray among freshly selected varieties. The surroundings influence bouquet too.

Most business marijuana the harvesting/storing dealings for outweigh these other, more slight factors. Colombian marijuana provides the mildest, sweetest, home developed smoke while correctly prepared. Buy marijuana seeds from mainly strong choosing marijuana seeds.

How to Choose the Best Seeds for Growing Marijuana?

When we talk about growing marijuana seeds there’s a lot of a number of discrete methods you could make use of, particularly by changing the varieties of the medium that you’re using. While you could easily and simply grow cannabis using your standard soil, there’s a lot of alternatives too.

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Things To Keep in Mind About Seeds for Growing Marijuana

Before we move in choosing the best marijuana seeds, here is some information about cannabis seeds. Seeds are only generated by female marijuana plants, These seeds are generated after a male marijuana plant pollinated a female cannabis plant. The thing you must know here is that once it comes to growing cannabis, the goal is to grow female marijuana plants as it’s these plants that grow buds.

Here is what you must need to bare in mind :

  • Make Sure You are Using Feminized Seeds: when it comes to natural picking of the seeds, there is a chance naturally growing marijuana seeds would be divided into 50% male marijuana seeds and 50% female marijuana seeds. Nevertheless, once it comes to growing buds, we’re looking only at female marijuana seeds. You could either grow all your seeds or just try your luck, or just buy feminized or specialized seeds, which is highly suggested.
  • The Strain: credits to some breeders and growers who have been growing cannabis plants all throughout the years, there’s a lot of different cannabis strains and varieties. Before you picked the seeds that you would like to grow, ensure you are buying the cannabis strain of your choice.

    How To Choose A Seed?

    When it comes to picking a marijuana seed, many individuals who’ve never seen cannabis seeds previously will be confused. There are three major factors that you must need to bare in mind :

  • Color: A good quality, healthy cannabis seeds will be darker in shades. There will be a black, dark brown or tanned pattern on your seeds. It’s greatly recommended to avoid choosing marijuana seeds that are light or green in color or shade.
  • Pattern: another fascinating thing about cannabis seeds that would help you recognized the cannabis strain too is the pattern of the seeds. Cannabis Indica seeds seem to be larger, also with a striped pattern. Cannabis Sativa seeds at the same time don’t really have a pattern and come in a single shade. They’re smaller, unlike cannabis Indica seeds.
  • Hardness: the third main factor that you must need to know before choosing marijuana seeds is the hardness. The harder the seed shell, the better the seed. Avoid picking softer seeds.

The Different Strains of Plants

A cannabis strain is primarily the genetic type of marijuana plant that defines its basic qualities. All cannabis plants are varieties of Sativa. Here are the four main genetics types of cannabis plants.

  • Cannabis Sativa – these strains seem to be thin and tall. These plants take a longer period of time to mature, but also generate an abundant yield contrary to Indica plants. The high you’d get from the cannabis Sativa strain is soothing and enables you to think creatively.
  • Cannabis Indica – this marijuana stain is typically a short and grassy plant that tends to mature early than the Sativa plant. Nevertheless, its yields are lesser and the high that it provides you is sluggish and allows you to relax and rest better.
  • Ruderalis (Auto-Flower) – autoflower plants are strains that enable quick growth. These marijuana plants are like that they could grow at a rapid phase because of their capability to consume light constantly. Far from other regular cannabis strains that require rest, these cannabis strains could be under abiding grow lights. But, these cannabis plants lack potency and sometimes crossed with other cannabis strains to boost THC levels.
  • Hybrids -once the two or more cannabis strains are crossed to produce a new variety of a plant, it’s labeled as a hybrid. In a cannabis hybrid, there is always one dominating strain, and it tends to have a distinct impact when it comes to the sort of high it provides and its psychoactive experience.


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