Choosing Marijuana

Choosing the Right Marijuana Seeds for You 

High-quality seeds provide greater yields. There are seeds that are suited for indoors as well as for outdoors. There are many websites that sell their seeds online. However, determining the right and good seeds can be crucial. To give aid, we have listed the most perfect and suited type of marijuana that can acquire.

 Jack Herer Marijuana Seeds

One of the best seeds available in the market is the Jack Herer. It was named after its proponent, a cannabis activist, Jack Herer. This seed variant is the product of many years of gene mutations of the cannabis plant. Its flowering usually takes seven to ten weeks.

 White Widow Marijuana

White widow is one of the famous strains across the globe. It has long thick hair and has thick buds of trichomes all over its body. This is a cross breed of both sativa and indica type of marijuana. It can grow from one to two meters tall. The effects of the weed are very potent and extremely strong.

 Afghan Marijuana Varieties

Some weed species are pest-resistant. An Afghan marijuana variety produces its own anti-bodies that can fight off pests. This is more suitable for growing outdoors and it can grow up to 6 foot tall. It is almost commercially available in the market.

 Lowryder Marijuana

Lowryder is a type of auto-flowering marijuana. This kind of marijuana strains are the easiest type to cultivate. It has less photoperiod compared to other type and it is ideal for indoor farming. It can also endure harsh climate and can easily adapt to any environment. This would be the best option for beginners because has a rapid growth process.

 Super Silver Haze

The most complex yet excellent breed of sativa is Super Silver Haze. It is perfectly suited for both indoors and outdoors and can grow between 3-5 meters tall. These strains are highly recommended for growers who are experienced and more advance because of its complexity. However, it can yield good quality weed if properly cared.

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