How to Buy Good Marijuana Seeds Online?

The easiest and the most convenient way to buy cannabis seeds for some people are purchasing seeds from on an online seed bank. Not only will they be able to find all kinds of cannabis seeds varieties, but they can also buy popular strains and growing accessories.

When you buy marijuana seeds online, you need to remember a few techniques, otherwise, you’ll end up getting poor quality seeds that may not even germinate.

Buy only from Reputable Seed Banks

If you have shopped anything online, you may have found out that not all shopping sites are the same and this applies to seed banks online as well. Some seed banks promise delivery to all countries but will leave you guessing when your orders will arrive. Still, there are seed banks that will take credit card payments but will use your information on illegal activities online.

It’s hard to give your trust online but if it’s the only way to buy seeds then you really need to look for reputable seed banks.

Here are a few signs that the seed bank is reputable and will sell good quality seeds:

  • With good reviews; may have bad reviews but issues have been settled.
  • With the company name on the online seed bank site along with contact details.
  • With an extensive number of cannabis seeds strains available.
  • With an extensive number of breeders and partner seed banks.
  • Seeds should have corresponding information including price, amount per pack and growing information.
  • With a number of trusted payment options.
  • With a variety of delivery options especially stealth delivery.
  • With guarantees on the viability of their seeds.
  • With options to track shipments.
  • Overall, the shopping site or company website is clean, seamless and has no dangerous or prohibited photos on the site.

Some Signs that you are Dealing with Scam Companies

  • With negative reviews from  customers
  • With unreadable company name and logo on the site
  • No contact details or has physical address only or mailing address.
  • Only a small amount of seeds sold
  • No details about their products and prices are inaccurate
  • Only a number of breeder  and grower partners
  • No stealth delivery options
  • No way to pay for seeds only through bank transfers or payment through phone
  • No option to track shipments and orders
  • Overall, the site looks dangerous and has images or photos that are offensive and vulgar.

How to Buy from reputable Seed Banks?

Now that you know what’s a reputable site and what’s a scam site, you are now ready to order your first batch of seeds online. Here’s how to do it:


  • Prepare a list of the strains you want to purchase.


So you won’t end up buying things and seeds that you don’t need, make a list of the strains you want to buy. Have a clear picture of how many seeds you plan to grow in your growing area and if you need additional growing equipment.


Some seed banks online also sell growing equipment like grow lights, soil, nutrients, and pots. It’s just practical to buy everything you need from just one site, right?



  • Select a reputable online seed bank


It’s time to choose a seed bank where you will buy your seeds. Remember the red flags to look for to identify which seed banks are reputable or not.



The seed bank that you chose should be able to deliver to your location. If you are in Canada, a legal Canada seed bank is a good choice. For seed banks overseas, see to it that it delivers to your location. This should be indicated on the site and if not, check by calling customer support to find out.


If you are located overseas, it is possible to pay for higher shipping and delivery fees.  



  • Check the seed bank’s products pages


Now that you have a seed bank site to buy from, scan the home page and the products page. You may use the search pane to make it easier to find the specific strain. If you can’t find the strain you had in mind, try another seed bank.



  • Choose the seeds you want to buy


Assuming that you were able to find the seed you want to buy, click on it to find the description and the price. Read the description closely. Once you are done, determine the number of seeds you want to buy.



Some seed banks will deliver their seeds still inside breeders packaging. These packaging usually come in packs of 3, 5, 10 and so on. Getting seeds still in their packaging is a good thing because these will be protected from light and humidity. However, if you decide to deliver seeds stealthily, you may never get your seeds still in their original packaging.    



  • Create an account from the shopping site


Before you can fill your shopping cart with your orders, you need to create an account first. You must fill out all the important information to create an account. Your full name, as well as some information about your cannabis preference, may be asked.  



  • Be sure to recheck your delivery address


This is very important. Check and recheck your delivery address. It should be correct and complete otherwise, you won’t be able to receive your order. Never use a PO Box number to deliver your order because some marijuana online shops do not deliver to this kind of address.



  • Check out your  seeds and other items you want to purchase   


Now you may now check out your orders. Select the orders you need and then afterward click the button that says CHECK OUT. A verification screen will ask you to double check all the information you entered. It’s not too late to return to the previous page to correct anything about your order.



  • Choose the delivery method you want to use


After verifying your order, select the best delivery method. Usually, there is an option to choose regular shipment, special delivery, and stealth delivery. The corresponding prices for these methods are usually included in the page.   Click the shipping method you want to use.



  • Pay for your purchase according to the payment option you want


It’s time to pay for your purchases. Select the method of payment you want to choose. Remember to use a trusted payment method rather than a method that you are new to. Just a few payment methods accepted by most marijuana seeds sites are credit cards, bank transfers,  Western Unions and PayPal. You may also come across with seed banks that accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin as well as cash on delivery options.                                                                                         


  • Wait for the confirmation email sent to you


You need to check for a confirmation message to be sent to you just to tell you that your order was received and that it will be on its way. Depending on the shipping or delivery method you want to use, a  tracking number may be provided to you. Keep this as a reference so you can ask any question about your delivery and to track it anywhere around the world.

Advantages of Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

You have the world in your hands when you buy seeds online. First of all, you can buy from any seed bank around the globe; you could be in the US and buy seeds from a grower or a breeder located in Spain.

You can grow any kind of strain too. Just make sure that your growing environment is conducive to growing the strain you want to cultivate.

You can buy cannabis seeds even if it is restricted from your location. Just click stealth delivery so you can get your seeds safely and securely. But if cannabis seeds buying and growing is strictly illegal in your country, do not attempt to order. You may end up paying for orders that won’t be delivered to your address.

You can pay using unlikely payment options which are unaccepted in a local seed bank. Local seed banks may not accept  PayPal, cryptocurrency payments and debit card payments.                                                                                                                                                

Disadvantages of Buying Marijuana Seeds Online  

As there are advantages to buying seeds online, there are also some disadvantages to watch out for. First, you cannot get your orders the same day. You need to wait for seven or more days depending on your location. If you live overseas, it could take a month or more to get your seeds.

Deliveries may not get to you because of incomplete addresses, problems with customs and border inspections or because of inclement weather. All these factors can affect the viability of your seeds.  

It is costly to deliver cannabis seeds and growing accessories online. It may cost almost half as much as buying seeds locally or from a local seed bank. But if buying seeds locally is not an option then you may not have any choice but to buy marijuana seeds online.

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