How Pure Sativa Makes You Feel When Smoking It

There are a lot of different kinds of strains in the world of cannabis due to how modern breeding techniques and advancements in genetic technology have allowed breeders to produce different types of marijuana. This has brought about the emergence of hybrid cannabis seeds that have both Sativa and Indica qualities. But, despite how hybrids have become so popular nowadays, you can still buy pure Sativa seeds from any store out there.

As you might have already guessed, pure sativa Seeds produce cannabis plants that only offer Sativa effects. These types of strains are favorites among users and consumers that love a Sativa that is as good as any other. In fact, Instagram cannabis influencer Sativaball favors Sativa strains because of their unique effects. But what exactly are Sativas and how do they affect us?


Sativas are one of the two main species of cannabis. These strains are the larger types of cannabis plants and can easily be distinguished based on their size and looks. Compared to the tiny Indica plants, Sativas have narrow and thin leaves that tend to be light green in color. There also seems to be wider spaces in between one leaf and another.

When it comes to nature and cultivation, Sativa plants tend to favor climates that are warm and temperate. This is because Sativa plants are native to tropical and warm environments such as those found in places like Thailand, South Africa, and South America. This is why Sativas can trace their roots all the way to the strains that come from those countries or continents.

While the Sativas you can find in today’s cannabis market tend to have Indica qualities due to how breeders have been crossbreeding one strain with another, there are still pure Sativa strains that have only been bred with fellow pure Sativas. Most of these Sativas are direct genetic descendants of landraces.

What are Sativa landraces?

Cannabis plants have co-existed with humans and animals for thousands of years and have always been a part of different cultures. That said, these cannabis strains that have grown in the wild for thousands of years are called landraces. They are pure strains (either Sativa or Indica) that are cultivated solely in natural environments and have never been bred with other strains.

Outside of the strains you see in Central Asian countries such as those near the Hindu Kush mountain range, all landraces are pure Sativas. These landrace strains have never been crossbred with any other strain and are completely Sativa in composition. These strains are found in countries such as Jamaica, Mexico, Africa, Thailand, and Colombia. In fact, they are even usually named after their country or place of origin. Examples of such are Thai, Durban Poison, Malawi, Acapulco Gold, and Colombian Gold.

All pure Sativa strains can trace their genetic roots all the way to the landrace Sativas that have grown and thrived well in their natural habitats. This is why pure Sativas, even if they are not landraces, share almost all of the same qualities and effects as their landrace parents and grandparents.

What are the effects of pure Sativa strains?

Pure Sativa strains are the primary source of what we call “Sativa effects”. Basically, Sativa effects are the opposite of the kind of high that Indicas tend to induce. Instead of the relaxing and body-heavy buzz that induces the popular “stoner” state that cannabis is known for, Sativas are more invigorating and energizing.

If you smoke a pure Sativa strain, you will most likely feel an energizing wave of euphoria rushing through your head to stimulate your mind. This euphoric rush will make you feel happy and uplifted as it improves your outlook on even the most uninteresting and boring things. In a sense, it brightens up your day to make you feel like you can take on the entire world with a happy mood.

As the Sativa type of high intensifies, you will feel all sorts of stimulations in your mind such as a heightened sense of focus, a boosted level of creative thinking, and an improved way of associating ideas with one another. In a sense, you will be more mentally productive in this state.

There are times that the energizing buzz that hits your head travels all the way to the rest of the body to give you boosted levels of energy. That said, you will feel an urge to finish physical tasks while also finding the motivation to do recreational activities such as hiking, exercising, or simple household chores.

Because of these effects, pure Sativas strains are called daytime buds because they work well when used early in the morning or some time during the day. They are also the ideal “wake and bake” strains because of how they immediately boost your energy and mood early in the morning. Some people even use Sativas as a form of substitute for caffeine. Studies also show that Sativas can help give you better workouts or even aid you when you are studying. With those in mind, there is no wondering why a lot of people buy pure Sativa seeds online or elsewhere.

However, different pure Sativas may also have unique effects. Certain landraces, because of where they are native to, have their own chemical compositions that can alter certain types of effects even though they are still pure Sativas. For example, even though Sativas are more than likely to induce anxiety because of their psychoactive properties and higher THC levels, a landrace such as Durban Poison can actually promote a more peaceful mind that strips you of worries that can cause panic attacks.

In short, pure Sativas have common effects but some strains may still differ from the norm due to their chemical composition. There really is no concrete way of classifying the effects of any strain because it still depends on the chemicals that comprise them and how different people react to different types of substances.

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