High Quality Indica Seeds for Sale: Where to Buy Them

With how cannabis and medical marijuana use has been increasing these days, Indica strains have never been so in-demand due to their wide range of medicinal benefits and uses. Indicas are known for their physically relaxing properties, which help aid in chronic pains and sleep disorder. Recreationally, they help turn around what was a very stressful and tiring day.

Because it can now be difficult to get your hands on some good Indica weed today, it might be more efficient and practical for users to grow their own strains are home. There are a lot of indica seeds for sale in places where marijuana use is rampant. And the good part is that you have a wide range of high-quality seeds to choose from.


  1. Dark Star

One of the best-selling Indicas on the market and still one of the most popular strains, Dark Star is a potent bud that came from the popular Purple Kush line. This Indica might not be for everyone because of its high THC content. Nevertheless, it is one high-quality strain with seeds that are equally as great.

Seeds of Dark Star are in-demand because they are moderately easy to grow. These plants tend to grow short but stout and are perfect for indoor growing because of their relatively small size. They do well in cold but not freezing temperatures. If you want to accentuate the purple color on their flowers, it’s best to put them in cooler temperatures during their flowering stage.

It may take a while for Dark Star to flower but this plant can reward their cultivators with quite a generous harvest. When grown in indoor environments that are quite dry, they will be ready for harvest in about 9 or so weeks.

  1. Purple Kush

Purple Kush is not just a popular strain; it is also one of the highest selling seeds on the market. The strain itself is so potent and popular that veteran users can’t get enough of its effects. It can have THC levels that are as high as 27%. In plain terms, it is not a strain that should be used by the faint at heart.

What makes this strain’s seeds so popular aside from the potent effects is that it is one of the easiest Indicas to grow. This is why there are a lot of beginners that start out with Purple Kush. This is because the seeds grow up to be plants that are resistant to molds and mildew. On top of that, this plant yields a generous harvest.

Purple Kush seeds, because of the strain’s resistance to molds, are capable of growing in humid climates, unlike other seeds that can only thrive in dry environments. They will be ready for harvest in about 8 to 9¬† weeks.

  1. Granddaddy Purple

The masterpiece of marijuana advocate and legendary breeder Ken Estes, Granddaddy Purple stands as one of the greatest Indicas to ever grow on the face of the earth. Its seeds first came about when Estes crossed Purple Urkle with Big Bud. Since then, it has become one of the best-selling high-quality seeds in the market.

Granddaddy Purple isn’t exactly the easiest strain to grow because of how demanding the seeds are when it comes to nutrients. However, they more than make up for that with their effects and their commercial value. They are also mold-resistant and resilient plants.

It will take longer for the seeds to be ready for harvest. Granddaddy Purple will start flowering in about eight weeks and should be exposed to cool climates to accentuate the beloved streaks of purple on the plant.

  1. Northern Lights

An all-time great strain itself, Northern Lights is an Indica that is rare in its own right because of how it tends to produce psychoactive effects not a lot of Indicas have. On top of that, this strain’s plants are resilient and quick-growing. No wonder there are a lot of Northern Lights Indica seeds for sale on the market.

Northern Light is a plant that’s resistant to a lot of adverse conditions. They do well in indoor and outdoor environments and are best suited for beginner cultivators because of how they tend to be hardy plants. The only demanding part about growing this plant is the amount of sunlight it needs. Other than that, growing these seeds is a piece of cake.

These seeds also tend to yield a good harvest by the time it finishes flowering. The best part is that it grows considerably quicker than most strains and will be ready for harvest in about 45 days or so.

  1. Afghan Kush

This landrace Indica hails from the Hindu Kush mountain range near Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. It’s a pure Indica whose genetics form the backbone of a lot of the modern strains we see today. Despite being an old-school strain that symbolizes the couch-locked stoner state, its seeds are still very much in demand because of their quality.

Because Afghan Kush is a landrace strain that has cultivated well in the wild for hundreds of generations, the seeds grow up to be very resilient and hardy plants. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and are terrific in almost any kind of environment.

Afghan Kush, being a pure Indica, typically grows a lot faster than other modern strains. The seeds will take about 45 days to flower into mature plants that have a good yield.

  1. Hindu Kush

A cousin of the Afghan Kush, this landrace Indica strain originated near the Indian part of the Hindu Kush mountains. It is a strain that has thrived for hundreds of years untouched by man but whose seeds are considered one of the more reliable ones on the market.

A hardy strain in its own right because of how it has survived the extreme weather conditions of the Hindu Kush mountains, this strain’s seeds grow up to be resilient plants that need a steady amount of nutrients to deliver a generous harvest.

Not one of the best Indica seeds in terms of yield, Hindu Kush only takes about 45 or so days to be ready for harvest and have seeds that can grow well in indoor and outdoor environments due to their versatility and hardy nature.

  1. Blueberry

The brainchild of cannabis enthusiast and breeder DJ Short, Blueberry stands as a popular strain that has been one of the top Indicas since the 1970s. It hails from the landrace genetics of Afghani and Purple Thai.

Because of its Thai parentage, Blueberry actually grows taller than most Indica strains and can even rival Sativas when grown outdoors. Because of that, it needs quite a lot of sunlight, especially when cultivated in indoor environments.

Blueberry’s yield depends on the phenotype of the seeds used. There are some seeds that tend to grow into resilient and high-yielding plants. But, normally, this strain only produces an average yield.

  1. Blue Cheese

With genetics that hails from the Cheese and the Skunk varieties, Blue Cheese is a strong Indica that is famous for producing a high that induces a stoney and couch-looked state. This is also a good strain for those looking for a good night’s rest.


Given that there are a lot of high-quality Indica seeds that produce top-selling cannabis with endearing effects, it is easy to choose which one best suits your needs and preferences as a consumer or as a potential businessman. As they say, you can never go wrong with a good Indica seed. But, where do you actually get high-quality Indica seeds for sale?

Because of how cannabis still isn’t as widely accepted by society despite being legal in a lot of states and countries, it can be difficult to get your hands on some good Indica seeds. Nevertheless, you still have some options to choose from even though cannabis isn’t as commercially available as other commodities and medicines.

First off, you might want to take the referral route. Try asking a like-minded friend to refer you to some of the sellers he/she knows. If you are lucky, your friend might even be a seed seller him/herself. If not, he/she might be able to hook you up with a friend that can sell you some seeds.

There is also the commercial route. While not as advertised as some products, Indica seeds are indeed commercially available though they are regulated differently. In states such as California or Colorado where marijuana is legal, you can get Indica seeds from medical marijuana farmers or from dispensaries. Festivals are also a good place to buy seeds of your favorite Indicas.

However, there are some states that only sell marijuana seeds to businesses. This means that individuals are prohibited from purchasing seeds in their own capacity. In that sense, it is still better to check the laws of the state and how the sale of cannabis is being regulated.

You can also purchase Indica strains off the internet. A lot of breeders and dispensaries make their seeds available online. The good part is that you can buy these Indica strains all the way from reputable breeders in Europe. It’s as easy as making a quick search using your device. But make sure you do your research and buy from an online merchant that has a good track record of having high-quality indica seeds for sale. It’s easy to make a mistake online but doing your research minimizes that risk.

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