Guide to Starting a Commercial Marijuana Grow Operation

Growing Cannabis is a hobby and it offers a great opportunity for business. For a cannabis grow business total production depends on the kind of strain selected, the method used either indoor growing, outdoor growing or in greenhouses, and some growing conditions like the temperature and lighting. While the total revenue will depend on the weight, the variety of cannabis grown and its potency. If you want to venture into a cannabis business and post “weed plants for sale” in your ads, know how to start a commercial cannabis grow operation today! A lot of cannabis growers are hooked up to have a commercial marijuana grow operation because it is competitive. You don’t need to be a weed user to progress in this kind of business, you just need to have some sort of experience and product knowledge.

How to Become a Cannabis Growing Operator

  1. If you want to have a cannabis growing operation, City Council Approval is the very first step in the application process. The most challenging part in entering the cannabis operation is the licensing part because it involves background checks to ensure that the cannabis operation won’t be used in some illicit activities.

Types of Licenses:

-Marijuana Growing Operation

It is given to those who cultivate and distributes marijuana to a licensed distributor or to a licensed provisioning center.

-Marijuana Processor

It is given to those who purchase marijuana from a cannabis grower who extracts the buds or resins and creates a marijuana-infused product to be sealed and to be delivered in the provisioning center.

-Secure Transporter of Marijuana

It is a license given to those who store and transport marijuana from the growing facility to the provisioning center.

-Provisioning Center

This type of license if for the commercial property where the cannabis product will be sold to qualifying patients or registered health practitioners.

  1. Applicants who will get a license will have to provide their business plan and a proof of financial capability for the next to years of operation. Your investment capital is one of the factors that determine the path of your business plan. Cannabis business plan slightly differs from the traditional business plan.

There are now major financial institutions who are open to make investments and lend money to cannabis business ventures because of the reasonable income. These are the basic requirements for securing a cannabis business loan your business or organization should be an incorporation, you should have a maintained business bank account, you must have at least 6 months steady cannabis grow operation, and you must have a gross sales for at least $15,000.

  1. Like any other businesses, choosing the right location or grow site is very much important because it may make or break your growing operation. The real estate or the location is a part of the application process.

There are some restrictions when it comes to searching for a growing site, it should be away from schools, church, parks or any establishments accessible to minors. Location is one of the most important things to consider in planning to have this kind of business because it will determine if you will have a good product depending some environmental conditions as well as access to water and electricity.

  1. If you would want to have a retail store the must-haves that you should have in your store are point-of-sale area (POS), separate shipping or receiving area if you are selling other items in your store, a secure storage or vault, an alarm system, and a video surveillance system or CCTV.


  1. Build a client base and keep them. Like any other businesses, consumer satisfaction is the key to have a successful business. It is your responsibilities as a cannabis grower to retain your clients and get their loyalty. The loyalty of customers and marketing are the secret to have a name in the cannabis growing industry.

How to Start to Grow Weed

  1. Selecting strains

-Before choosing the right strain for your business you should consider your market because it will determine what type of strain you are going to use. There are three types of seeds, the feminized seeds, the regular seeds, and the autoflowering seeds. These are the questions to consider in choosing the right kind of strain Is it for medicinal or recreational use? Do you prefer mental or physical effects? or What kind of harvest cycles do you prefer? Selecting the type of strain is complicated because of a wide range of cannabis strains.

  1. Setting up your grow room

-There are two ways on how to set-up your grow room it is either in an outdoor growing facility or in an indoor growing facility. Your grow space should entail you with lights, nutrients, humidity, water, and temperature. As a cannabis grower, you should invest in lighting because plants need light to carry out photosynthesis. You also need to ensure that your grow room is airtight for consistent air circulation so that Carbon Dioxide is evenly distributed throughout the room. Like humans, plants also need a regulated temperature to avoid overheating of plants.

  1. Use of Nutrients to maximize yield

-There is this saying that the more you take good care of your plant, the more it will give you great yield. One way of taking good care of your cannabis plant is by enriching it with nutrients. There are available nutrient solutions that are labeled with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the market. Be careful in feeding your cannabis plant because not all elements are in equal value is in equal proportions when given to plants, it would still be dependent on the stage. The nitrogen level should be high in the vegetative phase while the amount should decrease upon entering the flowering phase but too much nitrogen leads to a decrease in bud development.

  1. Taking care of plants while in the vegetative stage

-During the vegetative stage, it is advisable to expose the cannabis plant especially the buds at least 18 hours a day to induce faster growth. There are some factors that determine if the cannabis plant will form perfectly and these are the size of pots, cutting the cannabis plot and removing the leaves. In a commercial set-up, it is best to grow your cannabis plant into a horizontal sea of buds so that it can be exposed to the sun that will enable it to produce good high yields.

  1. Taking care of the plants during the flowering stage

-The flowering stage is the most important stage for a cannabis grower because it where they can evaluate if their hardships have been rewarded. Some tips to ensure that your cannabis plant has the best flowering stage includes cutting the leaves and branches that are dead, keeping the humidity at around 70%, ensure to follow proper feeding procedure to avoid nutrient burn and by trimming excess foliation.

  1. Harvesting the cannabis plant

-Proper timing is very much important in harvesting. Proper timing also determines the level of cannabinoid but if you would prefer to have a higher level of THC be sure that the crystal resins have coated the buds already, however, if the cannabis plant has not been harvest

on time the HC level will degrade over time.

Must-Have Tools in a Cannabis Growing Facility

  1. Indoor Planting Lighting

-There are many options when it comes to lighting especially that the cost of electricity is one of the most budgeted expenses that should be considered. There are some budget-friendly and energy-efficiency options that will help you conserve energy like using HPS vs. LED grow lights. HPS is considered the consistent form of lighting in an indoor grow facility.

  1. pH and TDS Measuring Equipment

-Ensuring that your cannabis plant will grow healthy is the primary goal of a cannabis grower. The most important thing to consider in cultivating cannabis is to ensure that the pH level is correct within 5.5-6.5.

  1. Ventilation System

The ventilation system is essential for the airflow in your grow operation. It is best to use a carbon exhaust to filter control odors.

  1. Temperature Control

Having a temperature control system is important to lessen the cost of the cooling system because it regulates the temperature in your grows room to protect the cannabis plant.

  1. Humidity Control

Cannabis plants need proper humidity to reach full potential. Controlling humidity is helpful to avoid mold growth that can destroy your entire grow.


A lot of people are interested and are into cannabis business because there’s a potential to make a profit. You’ll just need to understand the unique challenges that you may and a better understanding of your consumer base by knowing who your core consumers are and what they want from your products are also an important factor. The tips on how to become a successful cannabis grower are to have research about the necessary information needed before venturing into the business and you need to have the patience to be creative and innovative. As a successful cannabis grower, it is also your responsibility to have a balance between technical abilities like knowing how to manage the business and having social skills communication wherein you are able to talk to customers knowing their needs directly. So, after you’re done with everything, you can post, “weed plants for sale” on your website now! Good luck!

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