Weed Outdoors

How to Grow Weed Outdoors

The simplest and natural way of cultivating cannabis is perhaps growing it outdoors. This method is the most traditional yet effective way of producing high quality marijuana. For those growers who wish to produce their weed outdoor, here are some tips and guidelines for doing it appropriately.

 Find Perfect Place to Grow

The perfect place in growing weed outdoor is your very own backyard. Aside from its accessibility; you can pay close attention to your weed. But if you have reputation to uphold or have strict community law, best do the Guerrilla growing. It is another technique wherein you farm cannabis in remote places and away from your properties. Keep on mind that weeds need to be exposed to extreme sunlight, so choose those places that are not shady.

 Provide the Right Soil

Selecting good soil does not need to be expensive. There are three common types of soil that are available naturally, sandy, clay, and loam. Sandy soil is the very much common and very easy to find; though, this type of soil does not hold nutrients well. Loamy soil, on the other hand, is the most appropriate in growing marijuana. It can hold more moisture and good drainage that can help the continuous growth of the plant.

 Add Enough Water

Since you are growing weed outdoor, your main source of water is the fresh rainwater. You can also water your plant manually particularly in summer seasons where water is scarce. Just make sure that the soil is evenly moist all the way to the bottom of its root. If you are using the Guerrilla growing method, choose a location that is near to a stable water source.

 Prepare for Outdoor Problems

Rogue pollen, pests, and other animals, are the major problems of most outdoor growers. To avoid this headache causing problems, always check your cannabis regularly. To get rid of the pests, you can attract birds by putting bird feeders near your plant to keep them away from leaf-eater pests. The best way to fight rogue pollen is to avoid planting on the months of June and July where wind is unsteady.

 Provide Plant Protection

In terms of security, it must be one of the top priorities to achieve highest possible yield. To keeping them away from external objects in outdoors growing, build tall fences backyards to avoid the plant from peaking over.

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