Buying Right Tools

Buying the Right Tools for Growing Marijuana

Growing marijauna plant can be difficult for beginners especially those with no experience in planting at all. Weed plants need the right rearing in order for the plant to produce flowers and maximum yield in short periods of time. Picking the right tools for cultivation can help in hastening growth and increasing survival rates. There are many gardening tools available in the market. Which of these are best for cultivating pot? Here are some tips on what to buy for your plantation.

 Biodegradable starter pots

Using biodegradable pots can be great because it can be used in both indoors and outdoors growing. They are made of material that dissolves when buried to the ground. Choose the 2 inches diameter for germination of seeds which are sometimes pre-filled with potting soil. Plant the seeds there and wait for 2-3 days before seedlings starts to appear. You can now transfer them to a larger pot or you garden.

 Right Lights for Indoor Growing

Basic rule for growing marijauna is that more light absorbed by the plant results to more formation of buds. More buds means higher yield and that is what most people are after. Always make sure that your plants are healthy because increasing the brightness for sick plants will not result to increasing yields. You can buy cheap fluorescent grow lights available in most hardware. Suspending it over the plant with rope can help you raise it up when weed starts to grow. There are grow lights that has automatic on and off control that can be set with lighting schedule. This is advisable for growing non-auto-flowering pots because they need exact combination of light and darkness in order to achieve perfect harvest. Some modern lights are LED lights that can save more electricity.

 Buy Houseplant Food

This is one necessary material needed to maximize the nutrient intake of the plant and prevent any nutritional deficiencies. Fertilizers with high content of nitrogen are advised to be used. Other nutrient supplements with Iron, Manganese, Calcium, and Boron can also be added to avoid mineral deficiencies that could delay flowering, decrease yields, and sometimes kill them.

 Purchase Marijauna Grower’s Guide

Having one in hand can help you guide in every stage of plant development you have. Knowing information such as the lighting schedule is a necessity especially when growing plants with high difficulty. With guides, you can also determine and treat some of the plant diseases and nutritional deficiencies that your plant might have.


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