Hash Plant


Genetics California Hash plants and Northern Lights
Climate Indoor and outdoor
Yield 250-400 / m2
Height 3-4 feet
Flowering Time 40-45 days
Effect Narcotic
THC Level 8-12%
Growing Easy


Hash PlantHash plant or HP is a hybrid of 90% California Hash plants and of 10% Northern Lights. It came from a dominant hybrid of Indica from Northwest USA that was developed by Dutch breeders. It produces ample amount of resin that has a strong and fast impact to its patients. It features large and heavy marijuana buds that lingers a strong kick of smell and taste to a patient’s mouth.

Growth, appearance, aroma, and taste

HP can be planted in any types of cultivation methods because it can easily adapt in any kinds of weather conditions. It can grow best in hydro cultures or any types of outdoor plots but it can also grow in other indoor plots. Moreover, HP grows fast from about 40 to 45 days with an average height of 3 to 4 feet.  It produces a high yield of up to 250 to 400 meter squared.

Among other types of cannabis plant, HP has the tallest flower plants. It has a dark green marijuana buds that are dense and covered with pasty crystals. It features high potent buds from 8 to 12% THC level. The smells of HP are like exotic pines and lemons. Besides, it has a sweet and mild smell when it has dry leaves while pungent when it has wet leaves. Meanwhile, HP tastes like spices, woody, and earthy. Furthermore, the taste and aroma of the plant stays in the patient’s mouth.

Medical effect

Moreover, the cannabis buds of HP produce resins that calm the patient’s entire system. It is suitable for patients who have sleeping disorders especially those who are suffering from pain, stress, insomnia, and depression. Aside from sleeping disorders, HP is also suitable for chronic pains and meditations. The patient can fully experience HP’s effect in about 20 minutes after his ingestion. After a take of one or two, the person may suddenly feel relaxed, hungry, sleepy, happy, and euphoric. In addition, he may also experience having a dry mouth, dry eyes, and a headache besides being dizzy and paranoid.


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