Weed Indoors

How to Grow Weed Indoors

The easiest and common way of growing cannabis nowadays is growing indoors. It can be fun and exciting but may cause headaches if not handled properly. Here are simple guidelines on the proper way of cultivating marijauna indoor.

 Choose the Right Strain

There are a lot of varieties of cannabis that you can choose from. To select an effective type of strain, you must first consider the availability of your space. The best strain for a spacious environment is the sativa which can grow much taller and headier compared to others. Indica however are those strains that are denser and shorter and perfect for those who have limited space.

 Buy Excellent Seed Strain

One of the most important things to consider in marijauna production is the seed. There are a lot of seed dealers that sell their product online; however, just make sure that the sources are reliable. Remember that before planting the seed, be sure to germinate the seed first. This will make you certain that your seed will grow.

 Provide Sufficient

Light is very essential in every plant. It allows them to photosynthesize their food and nutrients to support their continuous growth. Lights may vary depending on your budget. There are three kinds of lamps that you can choose from, CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light), LED (Light-emitting Diode), and HPS (High Pressure Sodium). For low cost budget, HSP lamps are more suitable and more appropriate for growing weed indoors than LED and CFL.

 Provide Room with Ventilation and Ambient Temeprature

A proper ventilated room is the appropriate choice in selecting the best place, but too much would be fatal to your plant. To avoid any level of detection, always make sure that the air is constantly moving and no humid air is being stabled in the place. An average room temperature must always be observed to avoid slowing the growth of the weed.

 Choose Growth Medium According to Convenience

In planting cannabis indoors, there are two options where you can plant; it is either on soil or on hydro. Depending on your choice, both have different pros and cons. For starters, the best way is to plant it in soil. Aside from its cheaper, it is also easy to manage and handle. On the other hand, hydroponic method may be tricky and expensive for newbies because it needs more proper attention.


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