Growing Tips

Easy Steps for Growing Marijuana

Cannabis can be easily be cultured when you have enough knowledge in the proper way of handling the plant. There are several ways and methods in cultivating cannabis. The aim of this guide is to give you the most essential and easiest way in growing cannabis.

 Growing Marijauna Indoors

In all techniques of planting marijauna, growing it indoors is the most common approach however outdoor planting can be done with enough space and good climate. For starters, indoor growth may be the best method to begin with because it is the easiest technique from the rest. Consider first the availability of space before choosing the type of cannabis. If you have spacious and wide environment, you can freely choose any species of marijauna. Otherwise, you can select auto-flowering strains that tend to grow smaller.

Plants cannot survive without water. It serves as the carrier of all the nutrients in the entire body of the plant. Remember that weed is a delicate kind of plant so watering it regularly with room temperature water is a must. Another thing to be considered in indoor planting is the air circulation.  Proper ventilation is necessity to avoid the smell at unnoticeable level.

 Growing Marijauna Outdoors

There are a lot of advantages in planting marijauna outdoors. Aside from it is free of effort, the sun provides a total of 2000 watts and gives more light that helps in developing the growth of the plant. Outdoor environment also provides sufficient level of CO2 (carbon dioxide), which is extremely hard to produce indoors.

Considering the factors that may affect the production of marijauna outdoors, choosing the appropriate soil is at top priority.  Soil has many different types; but in marijauna production, loam soil is perfect for growing cannabis outdoor. With its dark, fertile and brittle feature, it holds more moisture and has good drainage. However, if you are not certain about the quality of your soil, you can always mix it with fertilizer, compost or perlite.

In watering your weed, always keep on mind that the bigger the plant is the more water it needs. In outdoor, most water will be provided by fresh rainwater particularly in rainy seasons. On the other hand, in summer seasons, it is normal that some of the leaves will wilt, and regular watering is advised.

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