Growing Marijuana Seeds VS Growing from Clones

There are two ways to start cultivating cannabis plants. You can either do it through seeds or you can grow them with the use of clones.

Where to buy marijuana seeds is pretty easy but finding the right type of clones can be a bit tricky. This is why most breeders, especially beginners, go for this method of cultivating than through clones. Let’s take a deeper look into both methods of growing marijuana to find out which is best for you.

Growing marijuana from seeds

Growing marijuana plants with the use of seeds are the most straight to the point method of cultivation that you can do. It is also the most hassle-free way to guarantee that you will be able to grow a cannabis plant successfully.

One of the main benefits of using seeds to cultivate marijuana plants is that they are easily available. You can get them through most seed banks and they can deliver to your area in no time. Growing your marijuana plants from seeds also will give you an idea of how the plant will mature, its yield, and quality, since the seed banks provide you with this information already.

Another thing to note is that when you are growing cannabis from seeds, you are sure that your plant is clean. This means that there will be no pests and other diseases that can carry on through its mother plant. There are also a lot of master growers out there that believe that cannabis plants that grow from Taproots have a more sturdy structure giving the plants more support.

If you are worried about a long crop time, there are seed varieties like autoflowering cannabis seeds that provide a shorter harvest time than other regular seeds. These seeds are from the cannabis Ruderalis species making them naturally flower based on maturity and not from their photoperiod making them fast-growing. There are also certain weed strains that you can get that only take about 7 – 8 weeks to flower.

The downside of cultivating weed from seeds is that you may have to invest a lot of your time and energy in growing them only to throw out half of the plants because they are male. Since only female plants produce smokeable buds, this can be a big hit on your investment. However, you can counteract this by getting feminized seeds to ensure that all your plants are female.

Another drawback is that once the seeds become seedlings, they become very fragile and hard to handle. Most people won’t have that lighter touch that seedlings need and will most likely stress them out during transplanting or cut off their taproots entirely. This also goes for the difficulty in germinating seeds. Not many have the ability to do so.

Growing marijuana from clones

Clones are cuttings from a mature marijuana mother plant that is replanted to be raised to produce new flowers. This may seem harder to do especially for novice breeders but the rewards for this method is a consistent product both with yield and quality.

One of the main difficulties in growing marijuana plants with clones is to actually get a hold of them. To find a really good quality mother plant that the owner will be willing to be cut out of can be tricky. But once you do, you’ll know that your plant will be a female that will bloom incredible weed.

Although clones are already leaps and bounds ahead in growth than when you start from seeds, the process of replanting them can be difficult at first. The cuttings will be very sensitive and are likely to have some amount of stress when you replant. This means that they need as much love and attention as seedlings. You’ll have to make sure that they are given the right nutrients and water to be able to get into the groove of growing into an independent plant. There is also a chance that the mother plant may be carrying pests and diseases that can be transferred onto the clone. This will require a bit of nursing as well.

Even if they do need to be treated with a bit more care at the beginning, they are pretty much half-way through their maturity and bloom quicker than if you start from germination. A rooted clone is pretty much the easiest thing to grow if you are a beginner breeder. All you have to do is plant them and water until they are ready to harvest.

Where to buy marijuana seeds or clones

Now when it comes to clones, there aren’t any places in the market that actually sell them. Your best bet is to go to anyone you know who are also breeders to see if they will be able to provide you with a few cuttings. Or you can create a mother plant of your own. This is easily done with a very good, high-quality female plant. Its cuttings can be your next clones.

When it comes to seeds, there are several seed banks and dispensaries out there and online that you can buy from. Where to buy marijuana seeds is not as important as what to buy. Make sure that the seed bank is a reputable one and that you are choosing the right type of seed for you.

Whether you are choosing to grow your cannabis plants through seeds or clones, you should be prepared to give these plants the love and attention they need to yield at their maximum potential.

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