dolato strain

A fully grown Dolato strain is a model of marijuana perfection. It has a deep purple color from the leave to the flowers. The out and inner surface of its buds, together with the sugar foliage, are coated in thick and frosty resin.

This indica strain has a medium-high and very strong. Even with a massive amount of flowers on its stems, it doesn’t need support. Thought it needs to be given a bountiful load of magnesium and calcium. If not, it will show the sign of nutrient deficiency and will suffer from delayed growth. Diminish out the leave, especially in lower areas. It is also hard for light penetration and optimal airflow, and it is sensitive to high humidity and is prone to wet buildup. 

Dolato Strain and other marijuana varieties can survive in mild and warm environments. Parched locations with a temperature of 21 to 26 degrees Celcius, like California and Southern Europe. This strain can produce 700 grams per plant. 

If outdoor conditions are not optimal, it is best to grow Dolato indoors so that vital growth factors can be regulated. During its 8 to 9 weeks of flowering, maintain the RH level around 40 to 50%, except in the last 2 weeks, which should be between 30 to 40%. SOGing is also recommended for maximum fruiting, especially in small spaces. The combination of advantageous technique and suitable agri-environment can generate up to 500 grams per square meter.

Fragrance and Flavor of Dolato Strain

Dolato is not with a polished and fine sweet aroma. Its nugs must be destroyed and are smells closely to the nose to recognized the earthy and fruity elements. It’s smooth when inhaled but also lacks potency. 

Effects of Dolato Strain

The cerebral effect of Dolato Strain obviously fast and gentle. Its euphoric effects boost the mood, giving the users an adding sense of happiness. As the state of mind getting better, a relaxing feeling that gives the intense laziness floods the entire body. No amount of Dolato can take if off, and it’s easy to yield to a body-melting strong feeling.

Currently, the nugs slowly boost sensory perception, which creates almost everything in the neighboring seem increase. Due to its effect, the consumers find that matching the herb with some chilling activities like listening to trippy music and movie-watching or any adventure for the senses. Those who are artistic will be inspired to show their masterpiece. Although, due to strong laziness, inspirations, and new ideas may be delayed, and will only show when energy is regained. Because the strain calm and the consumers need to wait until tomorrow.

Medical Benefit of Dolato Strain

Dolato strain gives health-boosting benefits that reduce the symptoms of different conditions. It is an antidepressant and anxiolytics properties decrease stress, as well as the feeling of depression and anxiousness. Meanwhile, its relaxing effects alleviate hyperactive tendencies and insomnia. 

Besides, short-term emancipation from chronic pain can be attained. Dolato has potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxing activities. It is usually used to reduce migraines, PMS, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. And it may stop nausea, stimulate appetite, and vomiting.

This strain has a 20% THC content which may seem to be modest on today’s standards. Unless one has already developed a high tolerance for consuming a high dosage of strain and it will be not needed and likely to be harmful to the beneficial. As proofs of its power, and may bring upon dry eyes and cottonmouth even in moderate doses. On the other hand, overusing this strain can cause anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness. 

Dolato Feminized Seeds

Users with mid-level growing skills are motivated to grow the Dolato strain. Though it is prone to wetness buildup, it produces 700 grams indoor and 500 grams outdoors as long it grows in the best home. That is a big load of relaxing buds that can mitigate chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety. To create the gardening journey easier, contemplate using its feminized seeds.