best marijuana strain of all time

Today, we will try something brave and atopic that is sure to cause enormous controversy! We plan to try to describe the ten best marijuana strains of all time. Maybe you’ve tried a new hybrid and think it’s a lot better than anything on this list. Perhaps you believe like there is a ‘classic’ that is above rest. There’s a possibility you’ll also find popular best marijuana strain of all time overrated.

All of these are responses normally!  The fact is, we strongly doubt that every marijuana strain ever has been tried by anyone! People also have a different understanding of what’s included in a great marijuana strain. It was all about THC for others. The taste is favored by some, as most consumers concentrate on how it helps them feel.

We concentrated ultimately on the latter factor. And then, it is completely subjective how best marijuana strain of all time makes one feel. Here are our top ten, in any event.

Top 10 Best Marijuana Strains of All Time

  • Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel Autoflower would be a variation of the traditional Sour Diesel marijuana strain that can be easily produced. While the roots of Sour Diesel remain a mystery, the recent combination of a Ruderalis strain that improved its development potential further strengthens it. Cultivators will consider this best marijuana strain of all time quite easy to grow, and there will be little or no attempt for veterans to grow this crop.

This variety lives up to its reputation for being a strong and effective strain. Sour Diesel Autoflower’s THC material, a motivating strain and uplifting, may not have the couch-lock impact, however, its gentle and long-lasting results seem to be quite the experience. Consumers will encounter unexpected energy bursts that will assist them with their active responsibilities.

A perfect herb to smoke in the afternoon is this pungent-smelling strain combined with the scent of lemon zest. Medically, improving your well-being, it also increases your overall wellbeing. It is understood to decrease stress and keep your mental health under control.

  • Super Silver Haze

When we talk about bringing an all-time high to its consumer, this marijuana Sativa dominant strain became supreme. With this strain, the fact that you can achieve a certain level of euphoria is an achievement that not many types of marijuana are capable of. But apart from its own reality-bending high, with its medical benefits, you remain medicated.

It is safer to smoke this herb while completely occupied with work to help with concentration and relaxing despite having to think regarding couch-lock. Where this strain is concerned, stress is a non-factor. The explanation of why most doctors recommend this herb is due to its health benefits such as pain control and an improved energy level.

The addition of a strain of Ruderalis ensures that, whether grown indoors or outdoors, this marijuana grows well. This strain is best smoked during the daytime when you want to take a break from a stressful situation, because of its medical potential and its funky impact.

  • OG Kush

One of the most renowned best marijuana strain of all time in history with this hybrid strain. First introduced in Florida, it managed to conquer the entire West Coast of the United States. This is a wonderful Headband offspring, Girl Scout Cookies, as well as the legendary Bubba Kush. They won the Cannabis Cup in the Best Indica category in 2010 and in 2011.

The OG Kush Quick Variant does have a distinct pertain that combines fuel and skunky scent to describe the root of OG Kush. Dense shiny coatings are evidence of the rich development of trichomes. This strain was a descendant of the Chemdawg, Thai Lemon, and Old World Paki Kush with a heavy Hindu Kush effect, according to OG Kush’s mysterious lineage.

This marijuana is a typical feminized crop with a bloom period that is faster. For up to two weeks, it shortened the general growth period. It has a taste and aroma that is citrusy and spicy, offering a euphoric feeling, instantly enlightening the atmosphere. It gives a sense of satisfaction and an upbeat feeling as the head clears up. Consumers experience more fun and efficient success activities.

  • Northern Lights

This Northern Lights feminized is great at offering users a high and delightful taste of a full-body. This is intended to be used in medicinal cannabis testing. It is really a feminized strain that would provide the same advantages that medical professionals want. This is outstanding for the many therapies for the muscles’ relaxation. Whenever it comes to turning off the brain and reducing insomnia, this is helpful.  It soothes the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression away.

This is important to use, particularly along with its 14-19% THC amount, from the Afghani and Thai genotypes. This is why appetite can be encouraged most effectively. A lot of individuals are now looking at this in tandem with chemotherapy therapies. So if you struggle with anorexia nervosa, it’s still the best strain to use.

  • Bruce Banner Autoflower

Due to its remarkable THC levels, Bruce Banner has powerful relaxing effects. It is a great strain to have if any social event needs an upgrade. This will help you relax and feel comfortable, so you can concentrate on various processes and projects that you may have throughout the day. For the natural relieving pain, stress, anxiety, and depression, it is successful.

Many will remember the large green guy as The Incredible Hulk from Marvel films and comic books, but only a handful are fans of alter-ego characters, Bruce Banner. As a calm and reserved human, which is the complete opposite of the green man, the mellow but highly intelligent scientists can be better represented. It’s just exactly that, Bruce Banner Autoflower. Due to its potent cerebral effects, this strain can make you think like an intellectual scientist. This Indica dominant strain derives its cerebral effects from its Sativa roots with its high amount of THC. You could still go with this strain in complete rage mode, strong but not crippling, however the sugar rush will be a different thing than most other strains.

  • Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze would be a dominant Sativa strain with levels of up to 23 percent, known for high THC content. This plant gives off an earthy taste of cheesy citrus with a pungent fragrance with signs of spiciness and sweetness. The euphoria it sends through the brain makes it possible for the consumer to be more energetic. Mental energy helps with relaxing and concentration. Over the entire session, an uplifted mood also makes for a happier vibe.

There are a number of medical advantages to this Sativa strain. One of which is the alleviation of depression. Many people suffer from anxiety attacks, but any nervous thoughts and feelings should be relieved by one touch of this pressure. The high THC level also induces anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that should discourage the onset of the discomfort. An indoor system should suffice when cultivating this marijuana. The growth pattern and the resultant yield of this strain are significantly influenced by the feminized seeds.

  • Durban Poison

The Durban Poison was from Original Durban, named after its roots in Durban, from South Africa, with the same extremely psychedelic impact for which its parent is known. Given the high THC level of this marijuana strain, which can go up to over 20%, that is not surprising at all.

Indoors and outdoors, it can be grown, as well as its buds are often thick and dense and coated with shiny trichomes in thick layers. To get excited, you wouldn’t even have to smoke the Durban Poison strain. It is enough to make you drool because of the view of its massive glands generously overflowing with resin. Durban Poison can yield up to 350 g if develop outdoors. The number jumps up to 550 g indoors.

Apart from psychedelic impacts as a result of smoking this strain, a euphoric feeling can be expected. A boost is given to your energy and imagination. For days when you have to be creative or need to think up ideas for significant tasks at work or at home, this is an ideal smoke. Afterward, there is no burnout impact. 

  • Amnesia Feminized 

This Amnesia feminized is described as the most valued strain ever. At its THC level to around 15-20%, that’s also high. This may cause brain effects that are cheerful, relaxing, and strong. To offer a calming and narcotic effect, this is way more. It arrives with a pleasant lemon, citrus, earthy history, and a sweet taste. This causes such an incredible and strong impact that, so far, renders it an incredible strain.

This hybrid comes from the encouraging excellent yields from Afghanistan and Haze. This is noted for its quicker flowering and development period than the ancestors of Sativa. It can become more resistant, vigorous, and tall as a plant once this seed has grown. This strain of Sativa can produce flowers that are lightweight, resinous, and beautiful. This still remains to be a good choice for its powerful branches packed with buds by marijuana growers. This can give off a lemon fragrance that is so incredible and amazing. Its smoke could be thick and citric, reminiscent of its predecessors in Haze.

  • Hindu Kush

The pure Indica strain was called after the Hindu Kush area where it was primarily grown. Situated among Pakistan and Afghanistan, this is a region. Even though it’s a pure breed, among the most nuanced marijuana brands remains the Hindu Kush. A blend of spice, pine, and sandalwood is the scent alone, while the taste shares a herbal diesel flavor with traces of aromatic sweetness.

It may already have noticed that one of the exhilarating highs is produced by this pure Indica strain. This strain becomes popular for its hours of stretching cerebral results. The powerful body stone, suitable for nighttime use, provides the perfect environment for better sleep. The brain-numbing boost often removes from either the body all feeling of pain.

  • Girl Scout Cookies

Autoflower’s Girl Scout Cookies were a cannabis royalty. A cut above the rest is its elevated THC material. There are a number of attractive characteristics to this well-balanced strain that attract people into consuming this plant. Cultivators of this strain will now develop this strain all year round with the addition of an auto-flowering strain. Many of its qualities can be traced to its relaxing experience, rendering smoking at night a great herb.

This pressure typically provides an intense elevation that steadily melts the body into a state of immobility. To stimulate the mind and stir up a sense of well-being, this herb has enough strength. This strain is usually eaten by individuals who have caused their lives to be taken over by disease. Its analgesic effect is good for preventing pain, although the relaxing effect is a good booster of appetite. Muscle pain is also solved. If you find yourself needing to relax, then Autoflower Girl Scout Cookies is the best option for you.


The above are our top ten favorite strains of all time. With all these, there will be no marijuana lover should go on with life without trying all these! Of course, we fully understand that readers will have individual views and opinions. Thought getting to know all this strain is an advantage for you as the best marijuana strain of all time enthusiasts. 

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