Proper Germination

Steps for Proper Germination of Cannabis Seeds

Germinating seed is important as watering the plant. It increases the chances of the seed to live and produce a plant. There are a lot of methods and techniques that are available today in terms of germinating cannabis seed. The aim of this tutorial is to teach you the easiest and common ways of proper germination.

 Pre-soak Seeds

This method is the fastest way of germinating your seed. All you have to prepare is a glass (preferably shot glass), warm mineral water, and the chosen seed. Fill the glass with the mineral water and the seed on it. To germinate the seed, you have to put the glass on warm and dark area. It is just normal that some seeds may float and will not sink at the bottom. Leave it there in about 8-12 hours. After several hours, you may stir the water by your hand to help the seed in absorbing water and leave it for another 8 hours. After that, your seed is ready to go.

 Execute Paper Plate Method 

Another way of germinating seed is the Paper Plate Method. It simply uses wet tissue paper on a plate to moisten your seed. On a plate, put layers of wet tissue and filter any excess water. Put the seeds on top of the tissue and cover it with another layer of wet tissues. To create a dark and moist environment, cover it with another plate to avoid more air exposure.

 Careful not to expose the plate to direct sunlight; best is to place it on a room temperature environment. Check the seeds regularly to avoid drying it out, if necessary wet or spray the tissue with warm water. Leaving it undisturbed will increase its speed in growing.

 Pant Properly the Seeds

Once the seed started to sprout, you can now plant the seed. In planting the seed, make a hole with a depth of at least 2-5 mm below the surface. Insert the seed into the hole and cover it a little amount of soil, be sure not to cover it entirely. In holding the seed, be careful in not crushing or damaging the shell of seed.

 Always keep the soil moist and water it once in every 2-3 days. Do not over saturate the seed; remember that cannabis is a very sensitive plant in terms of water. You can also put empty bottles on top of the plant to gain more air humidity.

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