As one of the most trustworthy and reliable methods of germinating marijuana seeds, the Paper Towel Method has produced thousands and thousands of successfully germinated marijuana seeds. Because of its easy steps and the convenience of preparations, this germination procedure will allow you to save time while being able to properly guide your cannabis seeds into sprouting.

Germinating marijuana seeds has been highly regarded as one of the most crucial parts of the whole cannabis cultivation process. While it requires a little more effort and time, the output of germinated marijuana seeds will truly be worth it. If, in any case, you decide to germinate your very own weed seeds, then simply follow this guide for more information.


Germination is simply the process of a seed of any sort undergoing the transition into a plant organism, usually in the form of sprouted pistils. As such, germination causes weed seeds to enter the very first stages of life. This is a very delicate timeframe in a marijuana plant’s life cycle so growers must perform this with care and caution.


For this method, you will need:
One bottle of clean spring water (Keep it in room temperature)
One plastic cup
One dinner plate
Three to four sheets of wide and thick paper towels
Marijuana seeds of your choice
STEP 1: Take your bottled spring water and pour its contents into the plastic cup. Afterward, carefully place your marijuana seeds inside and soak them into the water. You can take your fingers and push them to the bottom of the cup, making them sink. Some seeds may refuse to sink, which is normal. After a while, the small cracks will absorb the water and cause the marijuana seeds to weigh down. Leave the seeds inside the water for 14 to 18 hours maximum. Any longer would cause your seeds to drown.
STEP 2: While your seeds are soaking, now would be a good time to prepare your paper towels. Take your dinner plate and neatly place your paper towels on top of it. Position them in such a way that you will be able to fold them on top of one another in order to cover the seeds later.
STEP 3: After the recommended soaking time for the seeds, carefully take your cup and pour both the water and seeds onto the dinner plate with paper towels. Make sure to remove any excess water that may be pouring out of the plate. At this point in time, it is crucial to keep the paper towels moist and expose the seeds to warmth and air circulation.
STEP 4: Now, we must find a place where the weed seeds can properly germinate themselves. Locate a dark, spacious room that doesn’t have any light leaks. Keep your seeds inside here while they start germinating. It is important to avoid cramped up places that provide little to no air circulation such as cupboards and sealed cabinets. This has the tendency to suffocate your seeds.
STEP 5: Regularly check on your marijuana seeds if they have enough moisture from the paper towels. You can always moisten these every now and then in order to maintain the ideal level of water. Once every six hours will do. In around 2 to 7 days, your marijuana seeds will have a chance to crack open and sprout. Once this happens, wait until they reach up to ½ inch in height. Afterward, you can now proceed and plant your sprouted weed seeds into your chosen growing medium.

This germination method is a very easy process that yields outstanding results. Of course, there are always local weed dispensaries and various marijuana seed banks that sell pre-germinated weed seeds. While this may sound convenient, learning how to germinate your own weed seeds only adds to the excitement of the whole cultivation process. So if you are up to it, you should definitely try germinating your own weed seeds. Good luck!