White Widow Feminized


Genetics 75% Indica
Climate Sunny / Mediterranean
Yield 800-900g
Height Average Height Gain (35-60 cm)
Flowering Time 55-70 days
Effect Powerful yet energetic
THC Level 18.76%
Growing Easy – Moderate


White Widow FeminizedThe White Widow Feminized strain was the 1st place winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995. The original strain was bred in the mid-90s from Brazilian and Afghani parents, and eventually became the standard for the succeeding ‘white’ strains that followed. Since then, this strain was featured on almost every coffee shop in Holland. Then, it became one of the most vital commercial strains, and a favorite among smokers and growers who are looking for the best seeds to purchase because of its big yield with a minimum effort.

Overall Appearance, Growth and Effects

More than its sterling reputation, many were amazed with its stunning appearance. The plant’s overall color is deep and lush green. But it appears more as snow covered especially at first glance, thus the name White Widow. It is also sugar coated with rock-hard crystals, manifesting the power of this strain. This feminized strain can grow from medium to tall, and can produce very strong branches. The clustering flowers are heavy, large and solid. Through the flowering process, the buds become thickly coated with the clear resin glands. Because of its dominant Indica pattern during growth, together with its Sativa element, this strain provides a powerful yet energetic, and a very social buzz.

Medical Benefits

Because this strain is a feminized version of the plant, you can feel the strongest effect compared to all the other white strains. As a matter of fact, many smokers are delighted as this plant hits them fast without warning. It produces a complete body stone with a head high that is uplifting. A feminized white widow strain is also known for its hypnotic charms. Aside from just having effects on the body, it also hits the mind as it gives an energizing and uplifting feeling when it finally takes over your senses. Thus, this is perfect for those who are suffering anxieties, and also for those who wish to undergo hypnotic therapy to solve any stress related concerns. At the same time, when taken in a moderate usage during daytime, this can prove to be perfect when attending social events, as it can give you a powerful social high.

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