Super Silver Haze Feminized


Genetics 30% 70% Sativa
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 400g/m2
Height 50-80 cm
Flowering Time 9 weeks
Effect Sativa High
THC Level 20%
Growing Moderate


Super Silver Haze FeminizedThe Super Silver Haze Feminized is a powerful cross breed of Haze, which is considered as the most powerful Sativa in the cannabis world, and a non-Indica dominant cannabis strain. The result is a powerful strain that gets the positive aspects of the height, as well as the flowering period of the original parent strains, while keeping its dominant Sativa high, which is common among the rest of the strains in the family. The Super Silver Haze Feminized strain is the champion of the 2007 Best Strain Cannabis Cup, as well as the 1989 High Times Harvest Festival.

Overall Appearance, Growth and Effects

Looking at the Super Silver Haze Feminized strain’s overall appearance, it is easy to notice its medium foresty green outward looks, filled with bunches and clusters of brown and orange leaves. It smells sweet, fruity and overall delicious. You can also expect a smooth and sweet taste like that of cream and peaches. Generally, the taste is not that thick, and there is no aftertaste whatever. It comes with an effect that gives you a nice head and body high. With its high yield at 400g/m2 and THC content level at 20%, it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing, with its capability to resist mold and pests. This strain is quite easy to grow, and thus, has become a favorite among beginners in the marijuana strain growing industry.

Medical Benefits

Upon smoking this strain, you can expect a very discreet and distinctive smell as well as a complex flavor that can provide that euphoric, head and body high. This has made this strain best if you want to concentrate and have things to think about. Because of its positive high, it is also good for productivity purposes. This positive mood effect can make it a good option for treating anxiety and depression disorders. People who want to engage in a very sensible conversation will certainly find the positive effects of this strain helpful as it helps in focusing, thinking, chilling and processing creative skills. Therefore, busy individuals who need to focus on something productive for the day will find it helpful to refer to this medical marijuana strain to get things done.

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